Decalogue to Learn How to Get Older
Perhaps the most interesting, and in addition, great truth, is to think that…

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The summer and holidays are, without doubt, a favorable time to rejuvenate, to show our best silhouette, to consider ourselves more in the form.

Everyone wants to be young and seen to be so. Even older people. Perhaps because, as someone said, "Nothing makes us aging more quickly than the think incessantly that we are old". Therefore, it is best to think that we are still young.

As usually say Manuel Alcántara, with its fine humor: "and within one hundred years, when we are all young people...” Therefore, that. Perhaps the most interesting, and in addition, great truth is thinking that "every age has its own fruits; makes lack know collect". For those who want to know the secrets of "know aging", to make value this Decalogue easy and simple.

1. "Careful with your presentation each day". Dressed up as if you were at a party. What more fiesta that life! That see yourself rejoice the eyes of others.

2. "No won’t lock yourself in your house or in your room". Go out to the street and to the field of walk: "The stagnant water rots".

3. "You shall love the physical exercise". A time of Gymnastics, a reasonable walk inside or outside the home, at least open the door, irrigate the roses, and answer the phone.

4. "Avoid attitudes and gestures of old collapsed". The unkempt head, back bent, the gaze lost, not conducive to nothing. That people say a compliment when dried grapes: "What goes straight the Lord! What a beautiful women!".

5. "Thou shalt not bear your age, and won’t argue of your ailments real or imagined!". You'll by feel older and sicker of what you are. People don't like to hear stories of hospital. When you ask how are you, say that. Very good!

6. "Cultivate the optimism about all things". The bad weather, good face. I know positive and good humor. The old age is not a matter of years but a state of mind. The heart does not get older.

7. "You will try to be useful to others". Help with a smile, a council, a service. Don't put the poster "useless".

8. "You will work with your hands and with your mind". Do what you can. The work is the infallible therapy.

9. "Keep alive and cordial human relations". Since then, that is wrapped in the home, integrated to all members of your family.

10. "Do not think that all the time past was better". Stops be condemning your world and cursing your time.


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