The Naturalness of Death
If something is sure, is that a person when it is born, it is going to die. If this is one of the few certainties that man has in life, then why should avoid it?

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It is a living reality, paradoxical this may be and however I fixed in the people around me and almost all tend to drain the package. All are: some touch wood startle, other cross your fingers…as if it were to achieve delaying the arrival of the death or improve on something the quality of its final judgment.
Why? I wonder. And the immediate response that comes to me is because the people do not believe that there is nothing good beyond death. As for them was just here everything, because it makes no sense to talk about the end of the road by very sure you have.

I, thank God, I believe in God. I believe that what awaits us after closing the eyes is much better for very painful as it is to the step you have to give. And since then so I would like to convey to my children, to whom God has entrusted to me.

At the moment are small and we have not touched close more than the death of the great-grandmother. Since then take the opportunity!! It was a time of "good" to speak of what I am sure that they are not going to talk in the street, because death is considering a theme "taboo" and each time you delete more vocabularies.

There were people who said to me that children should not see his great-grandmother dead, this could be traumatically. I did case.

I believe that if children are prepared beforehand and see it as their parents live a painful situation but hopeful, are very capable of assuming the trance by which later we are all going to happen.
I explained to them that we were going to see the great grandmother who had died. That more specifically, what we were going to see was just your body, because the life of the great-grandmother, that life that toward move and think that body, was no longer present, had been definitively to rest with God, from where a good insurance, we was going to continue caring and loving.

I explained why to organize a funeral below: like when a person is born, the parents would present the Lord to accompany you in your life, when one dies, the other we present to the Lord the life of that person and we pray for it to the Lord to welcome him and include it among their friends.

After the burial. They had never been to a cemetery. Why is going to be a prohibited site? If while has lived, we have visited and care to the great-grandmother, it is logical to do so until the end, when someone has to deposit your body, which has been in living temple of the Holy Spirit, (where has inhabited remain in grace, the Holy Trinity) somewhere in Santo to steep.

The truth is that it has been a very positive experience for the personal growth of my children.

It is clear that the deaths are not always "expected" as could be the great-grandmother, given their advanced age, but it is also a good opportunity to say that the death has no age. Every day that we live is a gift to be enjoyed and who is to benefit from it.
That the plans that we believe should always end in a "if God wants", knowing we are permanently in their hands.

Like everything in life and more specifically in the education of their children, all our words must charge life, because if you do not become reality and are not lived, are hollow and sterile.
With this, I do not mean that we do not have to mourn the death of someone. Of course it is good to cry, is an expression of what we are going to miss until you back to see God knows when.

But it is a way to confront the fact of death to which I refer.

I am sure that over large investment funds and current accounts buoyant, the most precious legacy that we can leave to the children is the treasure of the faith.

Berta Alaez Martinez
mother of a large family.
Diploma in Business Administration.
Nursing Assistant.
Currently working in the clinic IMQ Zorrozaurre.


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