Tissue Papers
Recognizing, appreciating and even awakening the strengths of others is essential if we want to strive together in fighting for the common good

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In a recent conversation with my colleagues, a 1st Grade teacher says to me:

--Well look, there are two very simple materials which, in the right combination, show what I think our work should be, and that of anyone who values ​​him/herself.

I look at her with surprise, and she continues:  

--Yes, seriously: these are tissue papers and post its, those colored sticky notes for short comments, bookmarks or reminders.

My dear colleague sees me even more amazed and then expands with a thought, which is something as follows:

--In dealing with people—and that includes, of course, children of 5 and 6 years old—there are two variables that I think we should always keep in mind. First, serve them in their most obvious needs—it is clear in the example of the tissue papers and the snots of the smallest children—, listening to them, giving them the opportunity to show themselves as they are, breaking barriers ... And second, be well prepared with all kinds of notes, follow-ups, study, consultations, little details of kindness to all. That is the sign that the happiness of others is what moves us, and that is which is important.

--Wonderful, do you not think so? Surely as you read these lines, on the other hand, many men and women, young and old, children and elderly, fight the most important battle with "post its" and tissues, or other means, of course, according to each circumstance.
And here we cannot only think that “Yes, indeed, politicians must set an example!” which we all would say so. Or parents or teachers! Which our children or students would say.

Let us take the initiative. Let us give the first step to resume conversations; a direct contact without interference, in order to agree on the essentials.

Recognizing, appreciating and even awakening the strengths of others is essential if we want to strive together in the fight for the common good.  Thus, to support each other and sacrifice us all without seeing ourselves as victims will give wings to the socio-economic, occupational and political solutions of our country.

It is a wager of confidence counter to resentment; of creativity in front of laziness; of cooperative work against the materialistic selfishness; of reality, though at a starting stage, in front of delirious fiction.

Is it so difficult to rectify arrogance and prejudices? Do you not believe that it is worth to use the force of reason and not the force of the guts? Let us not stay without honesty or perspective!

Well, let us go! In the many fields in which we risk the present and the future, let us all “play” because we are all decks of cards and we deserve the best. As the very young students of that wise teacher.

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