Mary, The Most Powerful Woman in the World (Part 3)
Do you know the Lady of All Nations?

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Several years ago, my friend Dr. Mark Miravalle, president of Vox Populi Mariae Mediatrici (The Voice of the People for Mary as Mediatrix), introduced me to the information and the prayer card of one of the over 2,000 different cases of Marian apparitions reported by Maureen Orth Admittedly, however, I was initially hesitant to accept this particular series of private revelations as genuine, simply due to my own unfamiliarity with them.  If one were to ask me, “Do you know The Lady of All Nations?” my answer certainly would have been “no.” 

Having been raised in the bosom of a Catholic family, and surrounded by images of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I was already familiar with a well-accepted devotion to the Blessed Mother.  Moreover, I had even taken part in several pilgrimages to visit what Mary referred to as her “little house,” that is, her Basilica in México City.  I had read and studied the history and messages of these beautiful apparitions in the writings of the wise aboriginal Antonio Valeriano, a personal acquaintance of St. Juan Diego, whose work was translated by Fr. Mario Rojas Sánchez (+), whom I myself had the privilege of knowing personally.  Needless to say, I just did not have it in me to begin all over again, delving into to details of a “new” apparition.  And thus, over 2 years went by, and I had not made a true effort to open my mind and heart to the messages of The Lady of All Nations.  This, despite the fact that word of these apparitions had already spread throughout Latin America, due in part to the efforts of Mark Miravalle.  Yet, my own conviction was still lacking.

As it always happens in God’s business, everything has its reason and its timing.  Such was the case when I saw the cover feature of a National Geographic issue, with a provoking Marian title.  Such a religious theme published in a secular magazine–although in this case analyzed from a human-phenomenon perspective-sufficed to completely shake me.  The event inspired me to penetrate the origins and most profound causes of the presence of Mary in human history, her persistence through centuries, and her transcendence on a global scale beyond what the National Geographic article presented.

I felt motivated to reply to Maureen in order to clarify and broaden some points, and also to write the editors, hoping that they would publish my article so that I could feel I had done my part, thus satisfying my concerns.  But, I found a new perspective and understanding of why it is important and urgent to understand the depth of that message, image, and prayer, about which Mark had told me, and which I had put aside, convinced wrongly that I already “had enough” with other apparitions approved by the Catholic Church, primarily that of the Holy Virgin Mary of Guadalupe.  I shall immediately point out, however, that it is not about changing or substituting the previous messages with the “new” ones, rather, each revelation falls into place and makes sense when the mystery of Mary’s remaining presence throughout the centuries is accepted.  She responds to specific historic needs, but she and her message are always the same.

I want to note as well that, given the explosive growth of available information in the media, there are articles available about our Mother Mary specifically as The Lady of All Nations.  Upon reviewing some of those sources, it is clear that the amount of available information has become quite vast since the visionary, Ida Peerdeman revealed the messages, the image, and the prayer from March 25th of 1945 (Feast of the Annunciation), until her death in 1966.  I am certain that there will always be both a wealth of material and a platform on which to communicate these messages in a personal way in order to shed light and to help identify the “Power of Mary” (to use the original title of the National Geographic article).

To begin with, I asked myself: Why Amsterdam, Holland?

She provides the answer in Her message of March 20th of 1953: “I have chosen Amsterdam as the place for The Lady of All Nations.  It is also the place of the Sacrament.”  Since, in 1345, exactly 600 years before Her first appearance, in the ancient port city an Eucharistic Miracle occurred, thanks to which the popularity of the capital city of the Netherlands grew widely and thus did the economy.  (The details are available on the official web page:, as well as the rest of the references).

If we read Her messages carefully we will find the second important reason:

She states, “Holland is on the road of perversion (5/11/52).  Later, She insists further “your country also, “Holland is not going well, and the Lady wants to save that country, and She has set a foot there. She wants the action to start from here, but wants the image in Amsterdam, the city that “will become the core for The Lady of All Nations” (10/5/53). “It is through this instrument (Ida), in a little country that is at the verge of the precipice, The Lady of All Nations shall give out Her reprimands as well as Her comfort” (31/5/54). Subsequently, on November 15th, 1955, She says: “And now I speak to your own country, and I say: Holland beware! (My emphasis).

At the verge of the precipice? On the road of perversion?  Which precipice? What is Our Lady talking about?  Here we have the hard facts: Holland is a country with a population of 16.5 million of inhabitants, of which nearly half (48%) are atheists; a Catholic population of only 4.5 million (27%); 2.8 million (17%) are Protestants, and Muslims are present with 3.5% representing a population of 570,000 people with 300 mosques.  It is of great importance the deep impact to know this, according to the online magazine, during the last 40 years “more than 1,000 churches were closed… many temples were demolished, and other were finally utilized for different means”… such as pubs, cafeterias, bookstores, and even venues for concerts, with the idea of giving them “a more contemporary use facing the evident loneliness of the places” on behalf of the parish.  A study done by the University of Nimenga on Mass attendance by baptized Catholics, revealed that around 200,000 individuals attend Mass regularly, representing only 0.5% of that population! This explains the abandonment of religion, estimating –as noted by another study of the American Physical Society– “by 2050, it is foreseen that Atheism in Holland shall be greater than 70%”.  It is clear then that the ‘precipice’ is moving away from God, surrendering to materialism, hedonism, and moral decadence.

Who was Ida?

Ida Peerdeman (August 13th, 1905, to June 17th, 1996) became an orphan at 16, and from then that time on raised her 3 sisters and one brother.  It astonished me to learn that, when she was 12, on October 13th, 1917, while the Holy Virgin appeared in front of the shepherds in Fatima, she saw “a Woman of extraordinary beauty wrapped in a marvelous light… understanding immediately She was the Virgin Mary.”  Ida’s father instructed her not to mention the event to anyone saying, “They would take you as insane, and they would laugh at you.”  So, she kept quite, not mentioning the event, even though she saw the Blessed Mother again twice more.  Ida also mentioned to Father Frehe, her confessor for 50 years, that she had three diabolic attacks.

In 1940, before the first apparition of the Holy Virgin, Ida had other visions that she called “visions of war,” which concerned World War II.  As she described them to her brother, her narration corresponded exactly to the news later broadcasted on the radio.  She foresaw, in detail, the tragic endings of Hitler and Mussolini, which were corroborated afterwards.  All of these extraordinary facts pointed to her being prepared for a special calling: she would be the instrument the Lady chose to convey her messages to the world.  Ida began receiving these messages at age 40, and they continued until she died at age 90. 

What did Our Lady reveal to Ida?

The 56 messages that Ida received, she reported in detail throughout a 15-year period, from March 25th, 1945, until May 31st, 1959.  I will point out some relevant aspects in order to highlight their content:

  • The messages are an urgent call to mankind of all nations, of all races and beliefs, with a universal meaning to have us turn back to God.  In light of historical events and those still to come, of which a series of prophecies and predictions are presented and have been fulfilled in an impressive way, these predictions serve as irrefutable proofs of the veracity of these apparitions.  

Here are some important points from Our Lady’s messages: She foretold was going to become of Europe, especially Germany, England, France, and the Netherlands; warned about communism in Russia (the sickle and the hammer); gave details about the creation of weapons of mass destruction; transmitted the wars of China and Korea; communicated to Pope Pius XII what was about to happen and revealed his death beforehand; she showed Ida years in advance what the result of Second Vatican Council would be; predicted that man would reach the Moon; warned of the creation of dreadful inventions like the biological warfare; warned the United States from going to the extremes with its policy; foretold the war in the Holy Land; asked for the unification of Europe with special attention to Africa; and, lastly, Our Lady provided precise instructions about where and how to build the church of The Lady of All Nations.

  • As in other Church-approved apparitions, The Lady of All Nations points out the reason of her presence, gives detailed instructions regarding the image she wants produced as well as the prayer she wishes for us to pray.  She pleads for her Divine Son, she invites us to that we might respond freely, accepting His cross and His sacrifice, since these are being violently rejected by modern society.
  • Prayer, conversion, penance, and offering acts of repentance are the necessary means by which the world will be preserved from degeneration and wars.  Only through these means can the grace, the redemption, and the so longed for peace come to mankind.  Thus Our Lady insistently asks for her message to be spread throughout the world and through all means, particularly the modern media available.
  • The danger of generalized self-destruction is still imminent, as long as the words justice, love, and uprightness, are not engraved in the heart of all men.
  • When Our Lady speaks of “all people”, She refers to all nations –currently there are 194 countries– where 7,350 million spiritual sons of Mary live, including all cultures, races, and religions, for whom she exerts her universal charity.  She loves us all.  Her concern is for all and, as The Lady of All Nations, she wishes to take care of us all. 
  • Our Mother repeats many times that she is the Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.  This is the focus of the new Marian dogma.  She implores us to ask for the proclamation of this dogma: “You must petition the Holy Father for this dogma…” since… “the world is dominated by a false spirit: Satan. When the dogma, the last dogma in Marian history is proclaimed, then the Lady will bring peace, true peace to the world. The nations however must say my prayer in union with the Church… so be it”.

Lastly, why new advocacy with this new title that is mentioned over 150 times in Her messages?

Because in Her own words: “with this title She will save the world.”  Our Lady first referred to herself under this title following the proclamation of the dogma of Mary’s Assumption to Heaven on November 1st, 1950, when She told Ida: “Daughter, I am standing on this globe because I want to be called The Lady of All Nations.”  Because “Mary… obtained that new title (from the moment Her Son) delivered the nations” saying, “Woman, this is your son; son, this is your Mother.”

Here, I present to you again the image and the prayer, hoping that now you are somewhat more informed and interested in learning more about The Lady of All Nations, Advocate, and reciting her prayer every day:

Lord Jesus Christ,

Son of the Father,

Send now your Spirit over the earth.

Let the Holy Spirit live

in the hearts of all nations,

that they may be preserved

from degeneration, disaster and war.

May the Lady of All Nations,

The Blessed Virgin Mary,

be our advocate.




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