Sr. Conrad of Parzham
April 21, Saint


Youngest of nine children born to a farming family in a region recovering from the Napoleonic wars. His mother died when he was 14. Devoted from an early age to solitary prayer and peacemaking, he was a familiar site at all the churches and shrines in his region, often waiting at the door at sunrise for first Mass.

Capuchin tertiary at age 31; Capuchin novice at age 33, taking the name Conrad. Assigned to the shrine of Our Lady of Altotting. For more than 40 years Conrad was a porter, admitting people to the friary, obtaining supplies, dispensing alms, encouraging all to open themselves to God, and generally assisting the thousands who came to the friary on pilgrimages. Worked with local children, teaching them the faith and practices, and supported charities for them. Noted for the gifts of prophesy and of reading people’s hearts.

Three days before his death he realized he could no longer perform his duties, and relinquished the position; he then celebrated Mass, and took to his sick bed for the last time. Local children whom he had taught the rosary recited it outside his window until the end.

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