St. Sabas Reyes Salazar
April 13, Saint


Seminarian at Guadalajara, Mexico. Ordained in the diocese of Taumalipus, Mexico in 1911. Worked in several parishes in Guadalupe. Sent to Tototlan, Mexico to escape the government’s persection of the Church and its priests.

In January 1927 government troops commandeered his church; they smashed images, burned statues, and used the building as a stable. Father Sabas’s parishioners told him to escape, but he said God had placed him there for a reason, and that they should pray for divine help against the soldiers.

On 11 April 1927, just as he finished a baptism in a private home, federal troops broke in to arrest him. Over the next two days he was severely beaten, burned, and tortured as the troops tried to learn the hiding places of other priests; he told his captors nothing. Martyr.

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