St. Vincent Ferrer
April 5, Saint


Fourth child of the Anglo–Scottish nobleman William Stewart Ferrer and his Spanish wife, Constantia Miguel; his father is reported to have had a dream in which he was told that Vincent would be a world famous Dominican friar. The boy joined the Dominicans in 1367. Received his doctorate of theology from the University of Lleida. Priest. Missionary. Taught theology. Adviser to the King of Aragon. During a severe fever in 1398, Vincent had a vision of Christ, Saint Dominic de Guzman and Saint Francis of Assisi. It was a life changing experience – Vincent received supernatural gifts and believed that he was a messenger of penance, an “angel of the apocalypse” sent to prepare humankind for the Judgement of Christ. Great preacher who converted thousands in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Invited to preach in Muslim Granada. Counselor to Pope Benedict XIII. Travelled through Spain, France, Switzerland, and Italy, working to end the Western Schism. Slept on the floor, had the gift of tongues (he spoke only Spanish, but all listeners understood him), lived in an endless fast, celebrated Mass daily, and known as a miracle worker; reported to have brought a murdered man back to life to prove the power of Christianity to the onlookers, and he would heal people thoughout a hospital just by praying in front of it. He worked so hard to build up the Church that he became the patron of people in building trades.

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