St. Leonard Murialdo
March 30, Saint


Born to a wealthy, pious family. Studied at the University of Turin, and the College of Saint Sulpice in Paris, France. Ordained in 1851 at the Church of the Visitation. After studies in France, he returned to Italy to take the assignment of “provisional director” of an impoverished college for young working men; he would spend his career there.

Founded the Society of Saint Joseph of Turin modelled after and under the patronage of Saint Joseph, the model for working people; the Society still exists, and still supports young apprentices. Founded a center for delinquent boys, the forerunner of Boy’s Town and similar institutions. Supported the Catholic Workers Union. Established a national federation to improve the level of Italian journalism. A model for Christian social workers, he was called a Socialist for advocating an 8-hour work day in 1885.

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