Bl. Joachim of Fiore
March 30, Blessed


Born to a middle class family; his father was a notary. Page to the court of the Norman King Roger of Sicily. Pilgrim to Palestine. Priest. Benedictine Cistercian monk at Santa Maria della Sambucina Abbey near Luzzi, Italy, where he tried to reform the Order. Abbot at Santa Maria di Corazzo Abbey in Calabria, Italy in 1176. Hermit at Pietro Alto in 1183. Left the Cistercian order and founded a congregation at Fiore, Italy c.1190. Mentioned by Dante in the Paradiso as being in heaven. Never officially beatified, he was been referred to as Beatus since his death.

Prolific writer on ascetics, clerical reform, and biblical studies, including treatises on the Gospels, an exposition on Revelations, and a concordence of the Old and New Testaments that were based on a moment of insight he was given upon waking one Easter morning. After his death, his works were used to bolster the arguments of some heretics (the Joachimites) who believed that the year 1260 would usher in the era of the Holy Spirit, replacing the era of Christ, a teaching condemned by the Lateran Council of 1215.

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