Filippo Smaldone
June 4, Founder


    •    4 June
While in seminary he worked extensively with deaf–mutes in Naples, Italy. Ordained in 1871. While working with plague victims, he contracted the disease himself, but was miraculously cured through the intervention of Our Lady of Pompei. At one point, depressed over the frustration of his mute students, he asked to give up his teaching, and to work in the foreign missions; his spiritual advisor convinced him to stay, and Filippo threw himself into the work. In March 1885, with the help of Father Lorenzo Apicelia and several nuns he had trained, he founded a school for deaf–mutes in Lecce, Italy; it became the motherhouse of the Congregation of the Salesian Sisters of the Sacred Hearts. Father Filippo soon expanded the work of his schools to include blind, orphaned, or abandoned children. Served as confessor and spiritual director to priests, seminarians, and several religious communities. Founded the Eucharistic League of Priest Adorers and Eucharistic League of Women Adorers. Superior of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales. Canon of the Lecce cathedral. Recognized and commended by civil authorities.
    •    27 July 1848 in Naples, Italy
    •    4 June 1923 in Lecce, Italy from a combination of diabetes and a heart condition
    •    11 July 1995 by Pope John Paul II
    •    8 May 1996 by Pope John Paul II
    •    15 October 2006 by Pope Benedict XVI

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