Bl. Angelus of Furci
February 6, Blessed


Priest of the Order of St. Augustine

Roman Martyrology: In Naples, Campania, Blessed Angel Furci, priest of the Order of St. Augustine, distinguished in his zeal for the kingdom of God ( 1327 ) .

Beatification date: December 20, 1888 by Pope Leo XIII (cult confirmed).


Born on 1246 at Furci, in the Abruzzi region, diocese of Chieti, Italy, to wealthy parents; they were childless for many years but conceived Angelus after a pilgrimage and prayers for the intercession of Michael the Archangel. Educated by his uncle, the Benedictine abbot of Cornaclano at Furci, Italy.

 Entered the Augustinian hermits at Vasto, Italy in 1266. Priest. Studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, France for five years. Taught theology at the Augustinian school in Naples, Italy. Noted theologian and preacher, known for his great learning. Provincial superior of the Augustinians in 1287. Refused the bishoprics of Acerra and Melfi in Italy.

Died on February 6, 1327 at the Augustinian convent in Naples, Italy of natural causes and re-interred in Furci, Italy in August 1808.

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