St. Adelaide of Alice of Villich

February 5, Saint


Roman Martyrology:  In Lorraine, holy Adelaide, who was the first abbess of the monastery Vilich, who introduced the Rule of St. Benedict, after passing the monastery of Santa Maria de Cologne, where she died ( 1015 ) .

Etymology: From the Germanic, meaning  "From a noble family"


Born c.960 in Geldern, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.  Daughter of Megingoz (Megengose), Count of Guelders. Joined the Ursuline convent at Cologne,

Germany. Benedictine nun. Abbess of Villich, Germany. Abbess of Our Lady of the Capitol at Cologne. Both houses had been founded by her father. She insisted that the sisters in her houses study Latin so they would better understand the Mass. Noted for her charity to the poor. Counselor to the archbishop of Cologne.

She died on  February 5, 1015 at Our Lady of the Capitol convent at Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany of natural causes. She was buried in Villich, Germany.


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