St. Isidore Of Pelusium
February 4, Saint


Roman Martyrology: At Alexandria, during the persecution of Decius, St. Isidore, martyr, who was beheaded for the faith of Christ by Numerian, general of the army.

Etymology:  From the Greek meaning "gift of Isis",


St. Isidore was a monk from his youth, and became superior of a monastery in the neighborhood of that city, in the fifth age.

Facundus and Suidas assure us that he was promoted to the dignity of priest. He was looked upon as a living rule of religious perfection, and treated by his patriarch, St. Cyril, and the other prelates of his time, as their father. He chose St. Chrysostom for his model.
 We have still extant two thousand and twelve of his letters, abounding with excellent instructions of piety, and with theological and critical learning. They are concise, and the style natural, very elegant, agreeable, full of fire and penetration.

Possevin laments that they are not in use as a classic author for the Greek language. His prudence, undaunted zeal, profound humility, ardent love of God, and other virtues, shine admirably in them. He died about the year 449.


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