Bl. Sebastian Valfre
January 30, Blessed.



Roman martyrology: In Turin, city of Piedmont in Italy, Blessed Sebastian Valfrè, priest of the Congregation of the Oratory, whose selflessness helped poor, sick and imprisoned, and led many to Christ with his friendship and his eminent charity.

Etymology: From the Greek meaning "venerable".

Beatification date:  August 31, 1834 by Pope Gregory XVI


Born March 9, 1629 in Verduno, Duchy of Savoy (in modern Italy).  Born to a poor family, he struggled for years to work his way through schools, finally graduating from the University of Turin. Joined the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri in Turin, Italy on 26 May 1651.

Ordained on 24 February 1652. Received his Doctorate in Theology in 1656. Parish priest in Turin with a special ministry to the sick, the poor and the confessional. Confessor to Duke Victor Amadeus II of Savoy and other members of the nobility and royal court. He used these connections to improve charity to widows and ophans, and to procure the funding for the Basilica of Superga. Provost of the Turin Oratory for years. Offered the archbishopric of Turn, but declined.

Had a great devotion to the Shroud of Turin, and supervised repairs to it in 1695. Supported catechists in the region, and taught catechism classes himself. Helped to found the Pontifical Academy of Ecclesiastical Nobles in Rome, Italy in 1701 to train diplomats for the Papal States.

He died January 30, 1711 in Turin, Duchy of Savoy (in modern Italy of natural causes. His relics enshrined in a silver urn in the Oratory Church of Turin.



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