Bl. Julian of Cuenca
January 28, Blessed



Roman martyrology: In the city of Cuenca, in New Castile, Spain, St. Julian, bishop. It was the second bishop of this city, once recovered from the hands of the Muslims, and eminent for their way of life, distinguished by distributing among the poor the goods of the Church, working with his hands for daily sustenance.

Canonization date:  October 18, 1594 by Pope Clement VIII


Born on 1127 at Burgos, Spain.  He was educated at the cathedral school of Burgos, Spain and the University of Palencia, Spain. Taught theology and philosophy at Palencia from 1153 to 1163. Worked on the side making basket and trade goods for extra money, and then would gave away almost everything to the poor.

 In 1163 he retired to live as a hermit outside Palencia. Ordained in 1166. He and a fellow hermit, Lesmes, became wandering preachers. Archdeacon of the Archdiocese of Toledo, Spain in 1191 where he served as administrator, preacher, and basket weaver to make money for the poor. When King Alphonsus IX recaptured Cuenca of Castile from the Moors, Julian became its bishop in June 1196. He was known as a reformer and noted preacher whose charity extended to everyone, regardless of faith. (And, yes, he continued making baskets).

He died on January 28,1208 in Cuenca, Spain of natural causes. His relics re-interred under the altar dedicated to him in the cathedral of Cuenca, Spain in 1578.


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