Saint Jenaro Sanchez Delgadillo
January 17, Saint


Martyrs of the Mexican Revolution

Roman Martyrology: In the city of Tocolatlán, in Mexico, Dan Jenaro Sánchez Delgadillo, a priest martyred during the Mexican persecution (1927).

Canonization date: May 21,  2000 by Pope John Paul II during the Jubilee of Mexico.


Born September 19, 1886 at Zapopán, diocese of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Seminarian at Guadalajara, Mexico. Ordained in 1911. Priest at several parishes, including Tecolotlan, Jalisco.

Noted for his combination of pastoral work with his parishioners and the sick, and for his organizational and administrative skills. When anti-religious laws were promulgated, he celebrated Mass in private homes.

Jenaro was arrested on 17 January 1927 while preparing to celebrate Mass on a farm. He died a martyr when he was hanged from a mesquite tree on 17 January 1927 at Tecolotlan, Jalisco, Mexico, his corpse mutilated was left hanging as a warning. His relics translated to Cocula, Jalisco in 1934.

“I pardon you, and my Father God pardons you, and long live Christ the King!” - Saint Jenaro's dying words




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