St. Germanicus of Smyrna
January 19, Saint and Martyr.

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Roman martyrology: Spiritual student of Saint Polycarp of Smyrna. Martyr. The manner of with which he met his death gained the admiration of the locals, and the story of his bravery was recorded by Saint Polycarp.


Germanicus was born at Smyrna (in modern Turkey). During the reign of the Roman emperor Antoninus in his mere youth, he was arrested and martyred for his faith at his born place.
He was thrown to the wild beasts in the amphitheater at Smyrna during the public games. As Germanicus stood exposed in an arena to a wild beast, the Roman proconsul pleaded with him that in view of his youth he should deny his faith to obtain a pardon, but the young man refused to apostatize, and willingly embraced martyrdom.
Rather than cowering in fear or running, he encouraged the lions to attack him--the soonerto escape the company of the wicked men among whom he lived. The letter describing his martyrdom--together with that of Saint Polycarp--is one of the most authentic documents of early ecclesiastical history.


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