St. Margaret of Hungary
January 18, Dominican Virgin.

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Dominican Virgin. 

Roman martyrology: In Buda, city of Hungary; St. Margaret, virgin daughter of a King, her parents dedicated her to God in order for the release of the Tartars. She became a Dominican novice at very young age, and devoted her life to imitate Christ.

Canonization date: November 19, 1943 by Pope Pius XII.


Daughter of King Bela IV of Hungary and Marie Laskaris; grand-daughter of the Byzantine emperor. When Hungary was freed from the Tatars, her parents had pledged their next child to God. To keep this promise, Margaret was placed in a Dominican convent at Veszprem, Hungary at age 3; Blessed Helen of Hungary served as her novice mistress. She transferred at age ten to the convent of the Blessed Virgin founded by her parents on the Hasen Insel near Buda, where she lived the rest of her life.
At one point, her father arranged a marriage for her to King Ottokar II of Bohemia, but she adamantly refused. She took vows at age 18.

Although she was a princess among nuns who were of noble descent, she objected to any special treatment and went out of her way to perform the most menial tasks and the most exacting labors on behalf of the squalid poor and most advanced hospital cases.  She was known for severe self-imposed penances and incredible kindness to those of lower social stations.

The extend of her labors and fasting and hours of prayer brought on the fatigue of which she died on January 18.

She was beatified on July 28, 1789 by Pope Pius VI and canonized on November 19, 1943 by Pope Pius XII. The investigation for her canonization listed 27 miracles including healings and a case of awakening from death,


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