Advantages and Disadvantages for Holiness
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente:

In life some are born with "advantage" and others with "disadvantage". Does this apply to holiness?

A child is born into a healthy family, with adequate financial means, with access to good education. Start with an advantage.

Another child is born into a difficult family, with tensions, with economic and hygienic deficiencies, without good education. Start with disadvantage.

In the spiritual life, one begins in a home with faith, receives excellent catechesis, learns from a young age to pray, to confess and commune frequently.

Another begins to live from difficult experiences, with addictive vices contracted during childhood, with serious sins in adolescence.

It can be assumed that the advantage has much easier his spiritual life. You don't have to eradicate limiting vices. He is not bound to negative dependencies.

Instead, the disadvantaged barely knows the existence of a good God, and if they teach him the commandments he looks at them as if they were unattainable goals.

The pros and cons are real: every human being walks from the situation in which he was born and according to the experiences that have marked him over time. 

But in the spiritual life comes into play someone who opens unsuspected horizons: God, with all his power, with all his love, with his inexhaustible mercy.

Therefore, the heart that is touched by the action of grace, which acquires a new vision from faith, which is healed by forgiveness, receives an unsuspected force.

Thus, a persecutor like Saul can become an enthusiastic apostle. A lover of human glory like Ignatius founded the Society of Jesus. And a child with a shattered childhood like Tim Guénard becomes a Catholic husband full of hope.

Advantages and disadvantages on the path of holiness exist and have their role in divine pedagogy. In it sin does not have the last word, for "where sin abounded, grace abounded" (Rom 5:20).

We all have the doors of divine Love open. From one's own personal situation, each one has before him a hand lying out and a Blood that saves. No one is excluded from mercy.

“The Father waits and calls all his children with boundless tenderness and patience. From freedom, we can welcome your invitation. And then the miracle occurs: strength is manifested in weakness” (cf. 2 Co 12:9) Holiness is possible for all.