The Catechesis of God´s Gestures and Signs
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente:


Faith is taught in many ways. Also with the gestures.

A family goes to Sunday Mass. Before entering the church, the parents speak in the usual voice. They come to the door, and enter in silence full of respect.

Catech explains that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It makes the genuflexion on arrival or exit. Well done, that gesture is worth a thousand words.

A religious man prays in a chapel and doesn't look everywhere, or feel like he's on a couch. Talk to God, and you can feel a loving and simple respect.

At home, before lunch, Mom and Dad make a serene, devout, meaningful sign of the cross.

The priest celebrates the Eucharist and, prepares the offerings with a beautiful liturgical sense, takes the patena and the chalice calmly, says the words with respect.

Children and adults, observe these and so many other gestures. For those who know something about faith, each movement explains much more than a thousand discourses.

This applies especially to so many baptized people who live under the continuous bombardment of frivolities, haste, consumerism and bad taste. The cleanliness and silence they perceive in a church prepare and help you to begin an attentive and filial prayer.

The catechesis of gestures, coupled with beauty, leaves an intimate touch in hearts, which prepares them for the encounter with God, and to live more united as authentic brothers and sisters.

God taught us to respect the temple and not turn it into a cave of thieves. In this way, the church will be a place of authentic faith, which fosters that filial and loving astonishment of those who join the Father who saves us through the Son, and who has sent us, to comfort us, his Spirit.

 It is also true that there are signs of God's Love in creatures and in human beings. A carnation, a cloud, a cricket, a robin, a hare, a falcon: each, in its own way, reflects the tenderness and delicacy of the Creator. A peasant, an office worker, a mechanic, a child, an old man, a mature and harmonious marriage: they receive and transmit continually the affection that comes from the Father of Heaven.

As we look at the world and men, we can recognize these signs of goodness that give beauty, that produce peace, that generate joy, that invite generosity.

Today, what signs do I have next to me? I will be able to recognize them if I have a clean heart and seen, transparent eyes, like those of a child who opens his mouth, astonished, before the wings of a butterfly.

 With those eyes, from a young and fresh soul, the world will appear with magnificent colors. Amazement and bliss will fill my soul and I will be open to the signs of God.

Then, I will discover that love is the hidden music that unifies all things.

The alarm warns that it's time to get up. The sky is dressed in colors as the last stars give their farewell to humans. A blackbird salutes the sunrise. Soon, in the kitchen, there will be a smell of fresh bread, a little jam, and new signs of our Father's love of Heaven.