Sin as Independence
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente:

At the heart of every sin is a poison, without attachments to commandments and without dependencies that are seen as oppressors.

This occurred in the first sin, which marked the history of all mankind in which Adam and Eve distrusted God and chose the path that was presented as a conquest of freedom and personal fulfillment.

What happens, however, in every sin, is that the desire for independence and freedom leads to slavery. Slavery of the lie that comes from the devil, from the passions that lose their balance, from the opinions of a world far from God.

A path that began with dreams of greatness ("you will be like gods") ended with the worst of slavery: death. The human being, hungry for freedoms, begins to live the bitterness of pain, loneliness, injustice, selfishness.

If sin arises from that desire for self-affirmation and independence, true life begins when we break with that unhealthy desire and accept a good dependence.

Christ is the true Liberator, the one who breaks the yearning for sin and opens the doors to a beautiful life, at home, as obedient children and open to wanting a good father God.

"So keep yourselves firm and do not let yourself be oppressed again under the yoke of slavery "(Ga 5.1). We no longer belong: We have a good Lord, we are of Christ and in Christ we are free (cf. Ga 3,23-29).

True freedom is what binds us to Christ and to the brethren, and gives us authentic life. We break the bondage of the demon, who deceived us with a vain independence, and we begin a wonderful journey, in which we are no longer servants, but friends. (cf. Jn 15,14-15).