Patience to conquer.
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente:

The rush arises because of activism, or the desire to quickly improve things, or simply by a strange concern about what we dislike. 

That Haste, coupled with other factors, leads us to impatience. ImPatience towards external things (climate, devices that do not work as we wish) and towards people.

Impatience towards people sometimes provokes moments of anger, offensive words, criticisms of those whom one sees as being full of flaws or obstacles to their plans. 

That impatience damages. To oneself, because life is not beautiful when unhealthy indignation arises towards what we do not control. To others, because we Turn away from those we see as enemies when they are not.

To avoid these damages we need to conquer the virtue of patience. What does it consist of? According to St. Thomas Aquinas, patience is to withstand the sadness of life, given the hope of eternal life (cf. "Sum of Theology" II-II, Q. 136).

Patience relates to strength because it helps us to face difficulties with the decision. It also relates to hope, for it makes us see that the evils cease and that God rewards the good; And with charity, as St. Paul recalls in 1Cor 13. 

In the continual walk, between joys and sorrows, between successes and failures, between moments of Bonanza and others of the storm, the patience allows us to overcome the blows and to continue with serenity in the way of the good.

The old testament recommends several times the patience because thanks to her we overcome the difficulties. "Better the term of a thing than its beginning, the patient better than the superb one" (Qo 7.8).

In the New Testament patience is directly related to salvation: "Since you have kept my recommendation of being patient, I will also keep you from the time of testing that will come over the whole world to prove to the inhabitants of the Earth. I Come soon; Keep What you have firmly so that no one will wrest your crown "(Ap 3.10 11).

Patience is a virtue to conquer. When traffic spoils our plans, when an unfortunate government provokes chaos and economic crises, with patience we will keep hope alive, and continue serenely in the task of loving God and the brethren.