The new obsession of women: bikini bridge
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The very fashionable English model Cara Delevinge maddened thousands of fans around the world when on one of the catwalks she wore such slender legs, that they could not be touched above the knees. Thus was born the tendency of the "thigh gap". The space that forms between the thighs of some women due to their thinness.

The inspiration for the "thigh gap" was spread quickly by the social networks creating fan pages with this trend that invited the girls to show this part of their body.
Well, the fashion of the separated thighs was officially forgotten now that the "Bikini Bridge" took its place.

And it is that the holidays of this season brought with it a new trend: to show the bones that are formed in the hips of the girls; in the pelvis part. The urban dictionary defines the bikini bridge as "when the bikini is suspended between the two bones of the hip, causing a space between the garment and the lower abdomen". Thus, the controversial youthful trend is present in several countries. Especially in the United States, although in Mexico there are already pages on social networks dedicated to this fashion.

However, not everything is fun because somebody image experts like Katy Lowe, show their concern to consider that the "bikini bridge" is a way to pressure women so they can be thin, which causes, on many occasions, frustration, as many of them will not achieve the expected results when portrayed. "The Bikini Bridge is another example that creates in the young women an erroneous image of beauty, leading even to anorexia to achieve thinner bodies"

The trend was made a hit on Twitter under #bikinibridge, to show, in just 24 hours, the word #bikinibridge2014 and #bikinibridge, became a hashtag and is that both were live-tweeted more than two 1400 times. Even Katy Perry, the popular American singer, joined the fashion to upload an image of this type that was seen by the more than 49 million followers it has in this network

In this regard, DOVE spokeswoman, UK, Lucy Attley and who works in campaigns to improve self-esteem, said: "The bikini bridge is one more example of pressure on women to feel more and more concerned about their bodies. Our ambition at DOVE is for beauty to be a source of trust and not anxiety. We want to inspire women around the world to feel good about the bodies they have, and not to experience the constant pressure of the prototype of beauty, which portrays an ideal that is not really among women".

Katy Lowe, the expert also adds that images like this one are often used in sites pro-anorexia that are dangerous for the men and young women who, often, the banks to develop eating disorders: "Together with the fashion of the thigh gap, the bikini bridge It has received the great media attention that qualifies this trend as a positive attribute that all women should aspire to have. However, that shows that ideas around female bodies are getting worse."

Therefore, the expert advises that "we must learn that our bodies are beautiful to have the size or shape they have, at the same time that we encourage young women to follow this type of fashion is unhealthy because every year more than four thousand girls between 15 and 19 years develop eating disorders".

For her part, psychologist Karen García assured us that the "bikini bridge" shows a negative image about the female body and that "social networks now make it easier for one of these things to go viral and this is one more example of how the image of the woman's body is used and reified".

That is why the specialist considered it important that parents know the risks of this type of new fashions; "That they can talk with their daughters and know the information they consult on the Internet and social networks".

And the experts agree that this new trend is nothing more than a "horrendous inspiration" for the promotion of food disorders in those people who seek to reach the extreme of their weight to achieve such characteristics. And you, what do you think of this fashion?