Reflect and decide
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente:

Before more or less important decisions we need time to reflect the means leading to a goal and its advantages and disadvantages. 

An Example among thousands: Some toothache raises the suspicion that you have to go to the dentist for review and eventual treatments.

The goal is simple: to ensure the condition of the teeth, to overcome the pain, to fix what is damaged. What is not so clear is who to turn to, how much it will cost, how to find the time needed for healing. 

Many times we have clarity on the ends: prevent illnesses, fix the pipes of the house, change the lamps, go on vacation to a region that facilitates a deserved rest.

The media, however, are not so clear. Questions about the best ways to achieve each goal arise with greater or lesser awareness.

What will be the best way to achieve this? Will I Count on money and energy? How long will it take? What results will be produced? What if things go wrong? 

What is worth for personal or family decisions, is worth for more complex issues, such as those that relate to the best way to organize a regional health system or greater efficiency to prevent theft and fraud.

Before the decisions, the moment to reflect is key. We know from experience how much damage we can cause a decision taken without sufficient prior reflection. Backward, it gives a lot of joy to recognize that we achieved a good decision thanks to the previously analyzed.

It is also true that the most attentive reflections and advice from well-prepared people are not enough to prevent a decision at the end from being more damaging than beneficial, by the many factors that continually mingle in human existence.

But the risk of a decision not producing the expected results does not remove the prudential wisdom that continually invites us to think and reflect calmly and with an open mind so that decisions have guarantees of being well-oriented.

Then life will have its surprises (thank God, some also pleasant). We will have to welcome them serenely, and continue on this path that we wish to approach us, little by little, to the good, to the truth, to the justice, and that culminates, after the death, with the entry in the sky where a good and merciful God awaits us.