New stage: young adults
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When I was eight years old I thought that in my 23 I would have a car, house, and scholarship. Reality: I continue to live with my parents, waiting for results from my grade work, riding a bus every day (when I'm good at Uber) and knowing the reality of unemployment in my country, which according to statistics for a young graduate every day is more difficult find a job in your profession.

Youth Stage

Crash every day with job options that ask you two or three years of experience, but at the same time ask you to be between 23 and 24 years, you had to graduate at 20 and start college at 15?.

On the other hand in the places that give you the opportunity you see the face of 'need' and they put you to make everything who carries the reads, writes, sells, jumps but never sleeps and of course with a salary to provide services that do not include health or pension, but hey, for something you start.

What you saw so far is happening, debts, services, responsibilities, unemployment and more responsibilities that you feel as little by little you are consuming and that dream you had to be at 23 is lost, because for now, no house, no car, no scholarship.

You start to miss the times that you said so much hate of partials, group work, exhibitions and early hours of study, where the worst thing could happen was to fail one of your subjects and give the face to your parents.

We have two options my dear, continue with the negative thinking of the first five paragraphs or seize this moment of our lives to become as we say in my country, some boars. Let no one take away your power to dream, without a doubt we are what we dream and the moment we stop doing we will lose the course of our lives.

The darker this our reality the sooner the light will come, we may at first not begin with the work, nor the salary of our dreams, but if we persevere and direct all our thoughts and actions to do what our soul longs will soon come.

The youth is the perfect stage to cultivate and in a few years collect. So, calm in the soul, but the wall of your bedrooms where they want to go, and when they feel that the mood is on the floor, visualize yourself at that moment. Surround yourself with positive and dreamy people, undertake projects with your friends, travel with little, and enjoy a lot.

God does not put in our hearts impossible goals to achieve, he fulfills to give you the necessary tools to obtain it, with strong work, but in the end, promise that everything is worthwhile