Temporal life and eternal life
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente: Catholic.net

Recognizing that there is a life after death leads to a more serious appreciation of the present life. Why? Because knowing that something is waiting for us beyond death raises questions about the relationship between what we do now and what will happen in the new existence.

If, moreover, we believe that there is a God that unites justice and mercy, we will be able to give greater importance to everything we do in the present moment. 

Every Human being chooses his biography. In the temporal life, that biography has clear moments and dark moments. Good and evil are continually mingled

Then, in relationships with others, we feel support or abandonment, recognition or contempt, praise or condemnation. 

What Others say and think, however, never reaches the intimates of consciousness. Some praises and criticisms arise from deceit, lying, envy.

Instead, the gaze of God penetrates to the intimateness of each one, so that nothing is hidden from who our Father is and seeks our good, without ever forcing us to choose what he asks. 

The Present biography prepares what awaits us after death. There Is An intimate connection between what we do and what will happen when eternal life begins.

A humble and repentant heart can cleanse its mistakes thanks to mercy, and strive to repair the damage. In this way, he prepares to be welcomed into the Father's house. 

The Gaze of the soul stare at the horizon that begins after death. Eternity goes on every day a little more. He'S running fast now.

If I choose righteously, if I put aside selfishness, if I seek to receive love and give it to others, I invest the temporal life in the best possible way, by anticipating now a little what will be, from the mercy of God, eternal life...