A young man on the floor
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente: Catholic.net

Chiara Amira was an Italian girl who wanted to help other young people avoid evils such as drugs, alcohol, and sex abuse. 

One day he went to a place where hundreds of people of all kinds were concentrated, in the area of Termini station in Rome. 

The presence of a fight between two drunks. He feels scared, he wants to flee. In those moments he sees a lonely young man on the ground. I had taken a very high dose of drugs.

Stay with the young man for a while. When the boy, who is called Angel (Angelo in Italian) regains consciousness, begins to speak and speak passes for about an hour. Chiara tries to do something else, but she cannot find a place to welcome the young man who was on the floor. They say goodbye.

Two days later, they meet again. The young man explains that he had taken the drugs to commit suicide. Give thanks to the girl, because, having listened to him, it has allowed him to realize that it is worth living. 

Then she teaches Chiara a mural she had drawn before the suicide attempt. He had written: "Despite your indifference, we exist." 

As an angel, in today's world, thousands of young people suffer loneliness, abandon themselves to vices, succumb to the most complete despair.

Chiara Amira feels that God is asking him to do something for those young people. Open a place to welcome them. Then the initiatives multiply and emerge what is then called "Nuovi Orizzonti" (New Horizons). 

May seem too easy, but sometimes with a listening time full of affection, you get not only to save a life but to help a boy or a girl to rediscover the meaning of their existence.

For Chiara, that sense is in Jesus. For Ángel, that young man found years ago lying on the floor, that Jesus became present in whom he came to offer help. 

In Our World, many people wait a while listening, closeness. Thus they will be able to find a meaning for their lives, recognizing that this sense has a name and a hope: Jesus.