Parable of the good politician and the figures
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente:

In a faraway country, where justice lay in the hearts of some politicians, there was a demonstration in favor of better laws. 

One of the politicians who were there took the floor and expressed with simplicity what he thought and felt in those moments. 

"Friends and those who now listen to me. We are many here, but I do not want or can give figures."

Because, as happens so many times, in the face of demonstrations there are those who invent figures to show that they were more or less, according to their interests, their fears, their desires, and lies. 

Someone has told me that everyone lies and that we too must lie and say that we are many. I disagree.

A good cause cannot be defended by bad methods. If we are convinced of what we are proposing, it is not necessary to inflate the figures. 

I don't know how many we are. I would like to be more, but the important thing is that we coincide in the love of truth and the defense of Justice. 

That is why, although those who attack our ideas say that we are less, and some who say they support them affirm that we are more, what interests me is that we are who we are and that we want to be honest.

So let's leave that strange tactic of lying because others do. May the love of truth be not only a quixotic gesture but a profound conviction. 

To promote good you have to do it right. I mean, truthfully, no lies. That's going to be our strength.

Let us be few or many, the important thing is to move forward in defending our principles with honesty. 

Because It is just not fairer if some of them are wearing false figures. Nor does it cease to be so if others deflate it by lowering the number of those present here.

Defend our ideas boldly, in frank, simple dialogue, full of honesty. Only then will we effectively support our cause and promote a more authentic world, capable of opening up to well-carried confrontations. "