As far as we have lost the value of life
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"I seriously do not leave so as not to see the animals suffer, for that I better stay at home", commented a person recently when asked what he would do over the weekend. Honestly, it gave me a lot of subjects to reflect on. I am not in favor of the mistreatment of animals, in any way, because they are living beings that depend on the human being to survive, in the case of domestic animals, or, like wild animals, different species coexist in different ecosystems so that the world keep your balance. As creatures made by God, they occupy an important place within creation, and it is up to thinking beings to keep them alive and safe from the unnecessary violence that can be committed against them.

However, we have lost sight that these are irrational beings that cannot be equated with the human being because we have the will and understanding.  That is, we can distinguish good from evil, to decide what to do with our lives and to respond for our actions, so what we call "rights" could not apply to animals, and for this, it is necessary to point out that when We speak of law, we refer to a set of norms and duties that regulate social coexistence and whose purpose is to equip all the members of the Society with the minimums of security, certainty, equality, freedom, and justice.

Of course, any living being must be protected. Which leads me to the following reflection: Why does it seem that more and more we put animals above human beings? And I think we've all noticed this.  Days ago it was announced with hype and saucer the creation of the first hospital for dogs in Mexico City, while Social Security suffers one of the worst crises in its history, forcing the beneficiaries to buy their medicines outside.  Some people are horrified by bullfighting but do not react the same to know that abortion wants to legalize in many States of the Republic.  Others feel helpless when they learn of abuses committed against endangered species and even gather signatures to stop them but are not interested in children who die of hunger and cold in unlucky places.

Our values have changed, marketing has convinced us that human relationships are disposable and that what is most interesting is the pleasure for pleasure.  No one wants to suffer, but it doesn't matter if to get welfare you have to run over the desires of others. We want to have but not give.  We are sensitive when problems affect us directly but if it is something other than our convenience, we act with infirmity.

Death and destruction are sown daily in the whole world, but we are not affected, what is happening to us?  We must sensitize ourselves to the pain of others and seek to help each other.  Let us think that we all will touch the misfortune because we live in a wheel of fortune, sometimes we are up and others will fall, so let's meditate what will be worth more for the times of misfortune, because we do not always have everything necessary to live, perhaps in one of many laps that God's life allows us to touch the catastrophe to shake our hard hearts, and at that moment we will want someone to have mercy on us and help us get out of the pothole.  What you sow, reap; as the Scripture says: everything you would want from others, do it with them (Matthew 7.12).

Pope Francis, during the Angelus Sunday, March 6, referred to the senseless violence that lives in Yemen, where two days before were killed four missionaries of Charity, founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  The nuns attended elders when they were attacked.  The Pope commented in pain:

"I express my vivid closeness to the missionaries of charity for the grave mourning that has struck them two days ago with the murder of four nuns in Aden, in Yemen, where they attended the elderly. I pray for them and the other people killed in the attack, and for their relatives. These are the martyrs of today. And this is not the headline in the papers it's not news! These martyrs who give their blood for the Church are victims of their assassins and also of indifference. Of this globalization of indifference. It doesn't matter. My mother Teresa accompanies these daughters of their martyrs of charity in Paradise and intercede for peace and sacred respect for human life".

Human life is fragile and needs our care, but we must rearrange our scale of values and understand that the most sacred thing in the world is the life of a person, no matter if it is just the size of the head of a PIN or is already a hundred years.  And is urgently to instill that in children, adolescents and young people, who believe they can play with their bodies without consequences because the day they face the problems of a pregnancy, a disease, a vice or an accident they will not realize that it is the result of a decision badly taken by them, that maybe they had no one to set limits and train them as people and children of God. Someone who gives his just value to human life will know how to respect the existence of other species. That is why, from beginning to end, we have to defend life and all its cycles, because if we do not understand that it is the only thing that deserves to be preserved, we will be condemned to disappear.