I can not stand my mother-in-law!
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Por: Dubraska Borrero | Fuente: New Fire

I can not stand my mother-in-law!
A piece of wise advice to improve the relationship with our political family

By: Dubraska Borrero | Source: New Fire

What do they say about mothers-in-law?

Have you ever heard negative phrases about mothers-in-law? I suppose so, it is very frequent. Usually associated with the worst: annoying, nagging, possessive, metiches, among other adjectives.

Why does this concept exist?

I do not know if they have done a study on this but the truth is that the bad reputation of the mother-in-law is of generations, and from what I have observed is more common when it comes to the relationship between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law than between a son-in-law and a mother-in-law. Perhaps it is due to the mothers' fear of feeling that they may lose the child, I do not know, but the truth is that they have a very bad reputation.
And, if it's my case?

I remember a story related to this, it was a young newly married woman who had to live with her mother-in-law, she criticized everything that she did and spoke badly of her to her young husband; for that reason, the young person did not want it and it went to a wise one so that it recommended to him how to get rid of the unbearable mother-in-law. The sage asked him to wait a moment and he retired to another place and on his return, he came with a small glass jar containing a thick liquid.

That man told him that it was a very powerful poison but for it to take effect it had to be administered very slowly and for several weeks or perhaps months diluted in another liquid whether it was cold or hot. The young wife returned home very happy and thought about how she would do to give that substance to her mother-in-law. It occurred to him to offer her a cup of tea flavored with fine herbs, but to make no doubt he first served for her and offered her.

The first day the mother-in-law did not accept the invitation but the next day she did and so every day she prepared something to share with her and to be able to place the substance. After a few weeks, that time they shared the tea had become interesting moments of talks, where they talked about many topics and the young girl asked with the intention that he had all the drink.

It was then that he realized that he had begun to get along better with her to the point that not only did they drink tea together but they did other activities together. Then he decided to go back to the wise teacher to ask how he could do to reverse the process since he did not want anything bad to happen to his mother-in-law. That's when the wise man replied: do not fear, that thick liquid is harmless. She was disconcerted and he told her that the problem was not her mother-in-law, but the relationship between them and the solution was not to get rid of her but to change the relationship. The fact of approaching her with affection and interest made that little by little each one was disposed of in a better way.

And so?

What I am going with all this could be summarized in a biblical phrase: Lk 6, 31 "treat others as you want to be treated"

I think it is always important to take the best possible with the family of origin of your boyfriend or your husband since it will be inevitable that they have to share moments and sometimes you will have to resort to them for some need.

That is why in my opinion the best thing is to win it, and this will not be achieved by avoiding it but by conquering it. If you love your boyfriend or your husband you will understand that for him it will be very pleasant to see them have a nice relationship. It is not about being the best friends, but about having a cordial and harmonious relationship. Do not wait for her from the first step, although if she does it's great; give it to you and you will be surprised by the results.

Finally, I invite you to read the book of Ruth in the Bible, it is a beautiful book of the old testament that talks about the relationship between a mother-in-law with her daughter-in-law, where it is reflected that fidelity and kindness combine perfectly with courage.