Learn to pray /Spirituality

Por: Fr Andrew Gronotte LC | Fuente: Regnum Christi Live

The story that Christ gives about the master who asks his servant to serve him seems to have nothing to do with the petition of the disciples increase their faith. Through this story which seems so obvious, Christ shows us that also faith is the way to understand what is obvious to Him. Faith is the key to understanding the world.

When we have faith then we understand what is really happening. Faith gives us the understanding of the world around us so that we can put it in its correct order, directing us to God.

Without faith we loose control of the world and everything is reverse, the master is serving the slave. When we believe, everything falls into its proper place because we see it as God does. St Paul tells us that we must nourish the gift of faith. Faith is like a seed that should be planted and needs to be nourished so that it can grow.  Contact with God in prayer helps is that water and sun. Protect and nourish that seed so that it grows to produce more seeds to help others believe.