A child needs loving attention
Family /Parenting

Por: Fr. Michael Sliney, LC | Fuente: Regnum Christi Live


A child needs loving attention.  This means that we must give children some of our time, the time of our life…To have time and to give time- this is for us a very concrete way to learn to give oneself, to lose oneself in order to find oneself.”  (Pope Benedict XVI, December 22, 2006)


Kids need your time, love and attention.  You also need time to yourself and time with your friends.  Perhaps instead of a girl’s night out every month, you could make it every 2 months?  Instead of playing 36 holes of golf on a week-end with your buddies, perhaps you could play 18 or maybe take your kids (without forcing them) to play with you.  Perhaps instead of 2 week-ends out a year with your friends on a golf or shopping week-end, you could limit it to one?  And when your kids are home after school or after practice, try to be available for them and not use this time to catch up on emails/phone calls or do your shopping…a child does need loving attention and this is how you show you love them.