He is there for you
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Por: Ana Paula Curi | Fuente: Catholic.Net

Do you feel that nobody understands you? Or that you always ask Him for help but He never answers?

We all feel that way, even consecrated women or priests feel that way. Mother Teresa of Calcutta felt that God hated her, but of course He didn’t. Even if we don’t believe it, he is there at every moment, even if we are not thinking about Him. He listens to us when we are sad, and He knows what makes us happy. He knows if we feel lonely or excluded, and He knows because He loves us so much. He loves us so much that He chooses to suffer with us. He doesn’t care if you have money or how you look, he doesn’t care about your religion or if you don’t believe in Him, he just loves you because he created you, and you are his children.

Every day he loves us more and more with his life. he showed us all His love two thousand years ago when He gave His life for each one of us, and there He suffered like nobody would ever suffer. He died for all of us, sinners, and we betray Him every day without even realizing it. We don’t even think how He feels every time that we do it, but I’m sure He would die over and over again for each one of us because His love for us is so great. I’m also sure that He would do anything to help us follow the right path, so that we can go to Heaven. The only thing he asks from us is very simple, and it would benefit us more than Him=faith. Every time we feel alone or sad, we just need to pray with faith.

Maybe sometimes we don’t feel his presence and that can be very frustrating, but He does it for a reason. He does everything for a reason, and that reason is to make us realize what true happiness is. Happiness is not in the material stuff. Happiness is with Him. So when we feel frustrated, we just need to wait for him to answer, because he will. He knows when the perfect moment would be for Him to answer. So remember that faith is the only thing you need to feel he is there. Why would you doubt in someone who has demonstrated you your whole life that you can trust him? He has given you many reasons to have faith. And trust is what faith is about. He gave you everything you have. So now you know who is waiting for you to give him a chance to show you he is there for you.