The path of the courtship of yesterday and today is different
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Por: Salvador Casadevall | Fuente:

At the time of my great-great-grandfather and also of my grandfather, the parents were those who were involved in the marriages of their children.

They were those who were offered to other parents the union of their children.

This was not a marriage of love, but of convenience.

Later, perhaps, was born in them the love and became the marriages in which they loved.

It was easier, was much easier.

It was the way of expanding the property of the earth, ensure the continuity of trade or factory.

So was the marriage of my maternal grandparents. My grandmother was the eldest of two houses and farmland and sought a good man, worker who meet the fields.

Died being together as older, but today when I look at my children and my life with them, not meeting never in my memories that have been a gesture of affection, a kiss, a hug. Today I it hurts to be convinced that never loved.

Anyway, the children, which ultimately got married, had no right to have an opinion, was normal: nobody questioned.

Surely if someone told you that this way of arming marriages was not well, they had not understood.

Today we see evil, because life has evolved and the circumstances had changed.

This is why whenever we judge facts from another era we must bear in mind as it was at the time the customs and the circumstances.

Judge with mind today, events of yesterday, often leads not to be fair.

Then came the connections by love, and is very well. We knew a girl, we boyfriends and we married.

During a long time thus operated. That was the order or the way to live with another person.

Today this way is something that we need. It is as if they had contemplated the times, as the one who deck a deck of cards.

There are those who are of boyfriend, if. But there are so many forms of girlfriend that one no longer knows as is the way.

Before it was the parents who were investigating the how it was and as it was desirable that outside your spouse. Now this investigation stage of another should do the boyfriends and girlfriends and there is that from becoming a question: Can I live your whole life with the ugly part of another? Because with the Linda is easy.


"It is so cautious to cross a street and so little attentive to cross the life"

One of the many phrases of the unforgettable Monsignor Antonio Gatti.

Because we agree that decide to share life with another is the crossing more important that one makes in life.


I had the cure Pepe, my brother, that each day there are more blessings to three, at the time of religious marriage and that nothing dares to say if it has not previously discussed with the intending spouses.

In the background --I was saying-- I rejoice that something that started in a bed, finish in a church.

I do not know as will evolve, but if I know that will evolve, as has evolved the way that married my grandmother.

The love remains the great absentee in human history, despite the many stories of love that every day we sell.

Each day the world today is more full of people who no longer know who is love. Call love to any other thing.

Many believe that love is having someone above.

Could that be why that man has not learned to turn the other cheek?

Could that be why that man does not understood what I wanted to say turn the other cheek?

What is needed to turn the other cheek, so important in the coexistence? The be generous.

Be each as is and make a single road happy, is achieved when there are two generosities.

When they hit the two selfishness, the roads branch off.

One is loved and is happy, and want to love to make happy.

That is why it is so important not to confuse concepts as needed in the theme of love. How do I get to love?

By the way of always: the attraction, falling in love and love.


Because the true love (happiness) is reached from the attraction (Pleasure) and the falling in love (CHARM). Although it is love that gives meaning to the attraction and the love. And know love many times to the same person, feel attracted by it, ensures the success of this adventure, which requires our intelligence, will, freedom and above all generosity.


But if, as the experts say, "the pleasure is sought as the satisfaction of the needs of the individual, the sexual act loses its value essentially human".


Aiming to reach any happiness on the basis of sexual pleasure or of the sensations is a deception, one of the first traps with which you will find when you confuse passion with love. Believing that we love when we just want leads us to priorities the simple physical pleasure, momentary and fugitive, which leaves a well of dissatisfaction.


Because the sexual satisfaction is actually only one part - and perhaps the more small, of the joy of the sexual delivery in body and soul own of the total delivery of true love.(Remedies Falaguera)


is your decision to live --in hell or in heaven--, because where you want you choose live, you will be required to create your. There is nobody to do it for you. You are the creator of a heaven or hell. You have to do.


It is not something that is already ready, you only need to buy a ticket and take the train: it is something that has to be created and created by you.

And in a life shared this sky or this hell is the creation of two.


Love can create a paradise or not, here and now.

All my teaching is "love more", until your same you become the source of love and nothing more.....assumes your responsibility of hell or heaven that you live in.


And when you understand your responsibility, I do not think that you who choose to live in hell. (Osho .-The Golden Future)



Love or is constructor or destroys what is around them.

It is from the love in the family to overcome the crisis.

All the crises, the own and those that surround us whether community, neighborhood or country.


What happens in our marriage, what happens in our family, always......always affects what happens outside, what happens on the opposite side of the street.


And the first to be affected are the children. They cannot understand that you love them, without seeing their parents love.

All the future, all our heaven or our hell is we had to them.