A fraud called relativism
Virtues and Values /Virtues and values - Year 1

Por: Jorge Traslosheros | Fuente: El observador

Acclaimed relativism is a fraud that does not stand the test of objective existence of evil, because it is not resolved in a matter of opinion. Doesn’t he dignity of boys Ayotzinapa depend on the point of view of those who disappeared? Is our dignity relative?

Obviously, I do not mean the epistemological attitude that allows us to recognize and celebrate human diversity expansive. A fact of which the best of the Catholic theology has occupied since time immemorial as in the development of historical natural law analog-to, and social science which has benefited much. I mean the vulgar relativism that dominates our culture. That "philosophy" trivializes the existence of many people because it reduces our dignity to a matter of opinion, to claim the right to decide who are fully human, which deserve to live and under what conditions. The propaganda of an abortion clinic sums clearly: no children by choice and others by accident. The latter deserve to die. Since when our dignity is an accident? A little pride enough to affirm. A little more to act accordingly.

When we refuse to acknowledge that the root of evil is in reducing a person to object, "accidental" entity, then we allow a narrative that justifies a culture without goodness is installed. So he start criminalizing the poor saying that poverty is the direct cause of the crime, as so commonplace that no one questioned fallacious. Then abortionists argue, among many occurrences, the desirability of preventing the poor born to bring down crime rates. These are lives not worth living, children condemned to poverty and crime that break the social fabric. It would be better to have "mercy" to them and kill them in prevention of crimes that could reach commit outside the womb.

For the sake of this relativism, it has accepted the creation of a new kind of human beings: the "accidental", also called "spam." Some, because of their economic and social poverty. Others, for failing to meet certain standards of physical quality or neural efficiency as disabled, chronically and terminally ill. A second is to eliminate them by eugenic abortion (Down syndrome, to cite one of many examples) and in later stages, applying the death "for mercy" through euthanasia as "assisted suicide", ie, achieved by social and psychological pressure so that the victim is anyone who asks. So, it has come to regard the promotion of abortion, eugenics and euthanasia as something suitable, even very "progressive".

Relativism is the philosophy of the petty bourgeois, professional narcissism neighbor who hinders, classic promoter of an ethics without blessing in disguise of emotional blackmail, selfish acts "merciful" mantle. Long ago the petty bourgeoisie no longer a social class, to become a state of mind sick soul to plunge into mediocrity, always frivolous and banal.

Goodness comes from looking at the other person as overflowing dignity, regardless of their condition. San Francisco could recognize the leper as a brother only after kissing his wounds, because the wounds of any crucified find the truth about our humanity. Relativism, by contrast, causes stray away and, in doing so, to collaborate with evil. It is no coincidence. Both stem from an act of arrogance and banality.