The man, enemy or ally of the planet?
Virtues and Values /Virtues and values - Year 1

Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente:

Man is not, by itself, an enemy of the planet, and can’t be accused of all the ills suffered by diverse ecosystems

There is an anti-human prejudice that men are regarded as a threat to biodiversity, climate, environmental conservation, survival of the planet.

Every living creature acts on its environment and receives influences of the environment. In various forms, bacteria, plants and animals can modify the environment, can transmit diseases, and may even cause climate change.

Humans no longer a living, but their action on other human beings, animals and plants on the environment, is especially intense thanks to scientific and industrial developments of the modern world.

Since its intelligence applied as a technique, the man has changed the way of farming, ways of feeding, distribution of forests and meadows, the life of animals from many parts of the world.

These changes have led to consequences of various kinds. Some positive, some negative.

Among the positive outcomes, we can recall the improvement of hygiene and health of millions of people; the elimination of hunger and epidemics in many countries; building construction and effective drainage systems; facilitation of movement and economic and cultural exchanges between peoples.

Among the negative consequences, we can list: situations of poverty, hunger and poor sanitation for millions of human beings; the destruction of forests and grasslands, or other extremely beautiful and rich life systems; extinction or sharp decrease of thousands of living beings of different species; pollution of rivers, seas, large areas of land previously devoted to agriculture or forests; production and use of harmful weapons, both for the lives of thousands of human beings as well, in many cases, for animals and plants.

Man remains open today as in the past, forms of action that lead to good, and other forms of action that damage. This opening is possible only if we recognize in man a singularity, a specific dimension, which makes it free and responsible, allowing it to act from intelligence and from love.

Efforts to build a fairer, cleaner, healthier, more fit for all men and for life forms that accompany us in this life world only make sense from a vision that is able to recognize human spirituality, greatness and misery of a being capable of good and evil, that can help and protect the weak or explode and destroy their "neighbors" (human and nonhuman).

Man is not, by itself, an enemy of the planet, and can’t be accused of all the ills suffered by diverse ecosystems and climate. On the contrary, man is the greatest being that lives on our planet and, therefore, the best ally to positively solve the challenges facing the world in which we live.

Given the challenges of our time, it is worth establishing a scale of priorities, ranging from the most important (the fight against poverty and hunger), to the effort to preserve ways of life that we love for its beauty and for its role