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Also known as
    •    Rosendo
    •    Rudesindo
    •  1 March

Born to the Spanish nobility, son of Count Gutierre de Mendenez. Relative of Saint Senorina. Benedictine monk. Reluctant bishop of Mondonedo, Spain at age 18. Reforming bishop of Compostela, Spain replacing his corrupt cousin Sisnand. Led armies against invading Norsemen and Moors. When Sisnand escaped prison, he attacked Rudesind during Christmas Mass, and threatened to murder him. Rather than live as a prisoner himself, Rudesind retired from the bishopric. He founded several monasteries and abbeys, all under strict Benedictine Rule, including Saint John of Caaveiro Abbey and the Monastery of San Salvador de Celanova; he lived as a humble monk at each of these. Abbot of San Salvador de Celanova. Advisor to Church and political leaders. Reported miracle worker.

Legend says that during prayers at the church San Salvador on Mount Coruba, his mother received the knowledge that her son would be a holy man. She insisted that the boy be baptized at the church. It had no font, so one was loaded into a cart and hauled up the mountain. Halfway up the cart broke down – so the font continued up the hill under its own power.
    •  26 November 907 in Galicia, Spain
    •  1 March 977 at Celanova, Spain of natural causes
    •  1195 by Pope Celestine III