In the well of my soul
Martin Freeman, The Hobbit, claims to be one of the few people I know who believe in God
Humanities: towards a holistic and integrative vision
The faculties of humanities are usually the most suitable for the bohemian people, the troubadours, and the artists; for antique lovers and, in some cases, antique dealers.
About immortality
Different looks towards the past: Discriminatory Nationalism
History is full of discriminatory nationalism that has led to contempt towards millions of beings simply because they do not belong to a nation itself.
An overview
There are times when we would like to come to an overview of our planet and the millions of human beings who populate it.
The problem is that so many issues are still there, and they will have to find time.
Cheerful People Heal
Joy is, above all, health promotion.
A society reconciled with God is closer to peace
Message from Bishop Enrique Sánchez Martínez, Auxiliary Bishop of Durango regarding the climate of violence in Mexico
The fate of frozen embryos
Prays for the rain
Dogmas, truths, feelings, actions.
From astrology to genetics?
This is Ana
The smartphone has changed our lives: 10 risks you should avoid

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