Truth Capsules
the importance we understand all sins are bad
The oak and the flower
In these pages, we want to see a little more closely how love has been presented between man and woman in Western literature to remove, if possible, some brushstrokes on who are these two who love each other.
Ecology abducted to environmentalism
Reflection by Stefano Fontana, based on the pope's speech to the diplomatic corps
The Silence of God
God's silence challenges and may even begin to undermine our faith
Fraternity, Justice, and work for a society in peace asks the Pope
God to bless the efforts of all those who work in the building of a society built on justice and peace
Beware of FOMO! A disorder of our times
FOMO is the acronym in English of fear of missing out, whose translation into Spanish is "fear of missing something". And it refers to the fear of being or feeling excluded or not participating in something.
Intimacy and sexuality
US: Catholic initiative to help undocumented immigrants
A telephone line will advise undocumented workers and their families
The right to have complete and correct information: safe sex
Fossilizers of Souls
Soul fossilizers cannot imagine that each heart is able to break with its own story to initiate paths of renewal.
Communist regime
For a long time, the attitude of communist governments was painfully clear and coherent, not only in relation to the Catholic Church, but also in relation to all religions.
The future in the hands of God
A society reconciled with God is closer to peace
Message from Bishop Enrique Sánchez Martínez, Auxiliary Bishop of Durango regarding the climate of violence in Mexico
Conceptual key: Charity
Charity is the bond of communion of the Church and finds in the Eucharist its sacrament
Study confirms that postponing sexual relations strengthens future marriages

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