When Europe went to college
The University is a European "invention" born from the hands of the Church. The 13th century is the century of the universities.
A Dam Against Temptation
One of the great problems in spiritual life is to have cracks that lead us to lose energies, to expose ourselves to temptation, to gradually turn away from the right path.
God is the love of our mother's kiss, and the warm and strong embrace of our father's arms.
Final manifesto of the Catholic Congress and public life 2010
For your interest, we offer the final manifesto of the XII Congress "Catholics and Public Life", which has been held in Madrid, with personalities from the European catholic world. Organized by the Spanish Foundation San Pablo-CEU
Archaic poems of Christian content
This version is a little different, perhaps older, than the Byzantine recension, the one known to us. It seems clear that the text evolved from the influx of the Christological issues of the third and fourth centuries.
II Respect for the dignity of persons
Scandal is the attitude or behavior that induces another to do evil. He who scandals becomes tempting of his neighbor.
Conceptual Key: Prosperity
Fragment of ecclesial documents that talk about prosperity, wealth and justice
The logic of profit cannot prevail over solidarity
The logic of profit cannot prevail over solidarity
The value of responsibility
Personal responsibility is very important for everyone, small and big.
Law and human rights
Reflection on issues related to human rights and their relationship with Christian anthropology and faith, directed by Rafael Navarro Valls, professor at the Faculty of Law of the Complutense University of Madrid, and secretary
The Solidarity
One more manifestation of solidarity among men is to make common knowledge
Are we Catholics anti-system?
We are now faced with the current "global empire," which uses its economic power to describe society, that is, the opposite process to which the first Christians lived.
If you pray, why do you pray?
The life of prayer is a matter of identity, it comes from our condition as children of God. It goes much further than the need or the problem of the moment.
8 Tips from Pope Francis to Succeed in Marriage
The opportunity was unbeatable. Before more than 12,000 couples, Pope Francis offered the ingredients to make the recipe of a solid love.
Social Doctrine of The Church
Basic principles of the Social Doctrine of the Church

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