The Giver
Building a love-free society leads to the elaboration of concepts and systems of thought that harm, denature or enslave the human being.
When Evil is Well-Dressed
Only when the heart is willing to respect justice will it be possible to move towards a better world
A world heritage marriage
A few years ago, at the end of the last century, Homer spoke to us in a newscast. He spoke in Greek and with a woman's voice, for a common surprise. Yes, the poet years left his distance of twenty-eight centuries and became mediatic for a moment.
Countering Materialism
Modern life has tied us to a thousand material needs.
Dance God's Music
Will you be able to follow the rhythm of the God when he invites you to dance with Him?
Let yourself be helped
By opening up to the help of others, we recognize our trust in human kindness
Invasions of consciences
Communicating in a merciful way
Mercy is the divine quality that gives the person the disposition of mind to sympathize with the sufferings of others.
Admiring the Admirable
In admiration is where you see more clearly how our sentimental education goes.
I'm against it!... I'm in favor
Forgotten texts of the Social Doctrine of the Church
Compilation, analysis, and reflection prepared by the Christian Association of Business Managers, Uruguay
An overview
There are times when we would like to come to an overview of our planet and the millions of human beings who populate it.
A God always at our fingertips
I Can´t Forgive…
We must wish well to everyone and forgive our enemies.

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