To realize
Before a text, as a reader
Society cannot be neutral to values
Knowing and promoting values
A Prayer for Dad
As part of Father's Day celebrated in many countries this month, the Information System of the Archdiocese of Mexico (SIAME) presents a prayer to thank God the Father and entrust it to our father on earth.
Condoms don't fight aids
Barriers That Stop and Paralyze
The cause of sin
Which is the cause of sin?
20 Mistakes I Shouldn't Have Commited
I went ahead too, I got carried away, I gave in and to get to that, I made a mistake after mistake!!!
Integral Humanism as a Political Proposal
The basis of INTEGRAL HUMANISM is the Christian conception of life; the supremacy of the HUMAN PERSON and its references to spiritual and moral values.
The positive sense of Christian chastity
Where the critics are born
When the disease opens the heart
Barriers that Stop and Paralize Us
On the other side we are expected by a good God, who will appreciate the weight of our actions and the sincerity of our repentance.
Abortion, Religious Persecution, Shiprecks, Corruption: Threats to the Primacy of Life
The church's stance on abortion has not changed an apex. You cannot legitimize the death of an innocent.
Main objective: the disarmament of the international illicit market
The Vatican observer to the UN on the Arms Trade Treaty

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