Are you a Disciple of Jesus?
Twelve characteristics of the Disciples of Jesus.
The family saves the country
The hope of the Church in the first social cell
When You're The One Left Standing
I no longer walk in uncertainty. The door of hope is open, I learn to part with false human assurances.
Love is Laetitia.
A world of possibilities
Wound in the soul
The positive meaning of Christian chastity
How to live in the correct way
Give and receive advice
Three encyclicals that shook the world
Are we Catholics anti-system?
We are now faced with the current "global empire," which uses its economic power to describe society, that is, the opposite process to which the first Christians lived.
Good sentences and bad sentences
Help after a mistake
In the face of our mistakes, the father offers his son again as a sign of infinite patience, of a saving aid.
A Christian vision of today's Europe
Document of the International Forum of Catholic Action (IFCA)
The family that dines together ... also stays together
Dinners are the family routine event that produces the most dividends

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