An exercise for a healthy communication
Happy love manifests itself not as a state of original grace, but as a continuous construction
Think of others
The Church founded by Jesus Christ, 20 centuries of experience
I tell you that you are Peter and on this stone, I will build my Church and the power of hell will not prevail against it
An overview
There are times when we would like to come to an overview of our planet and the millions of human beings who populate it.
Prays for the rain
The Importance of a Decision
What I decide marks my present and my future, what I have and who I am.
Sexuality: happiness is not in carnal affection
If you pray, why do you pray?
The life of prayer is a matter of identity, it comes from our condition as children of God. It goes much further than the need or the problem of the moment.
10 Times where Playing Football Tests our Faith
The field is also a space for evangelization.
The great family that defies hunger in the world
Dears consecrated
Can sex addiction be overcome?
Day 1 Saint Joseph Worker
Reflection on the value of work
Education as a way of news
Celebrating the carnival without losing morality or dignity

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