By reaching out we find the promised inheritance
Pope Francis explained that the leaven of the Spirit is given to those who have been “sealed by the Spirit”.
Pope: ‘politics is a commitment to humanity and holiness’
Prophets of peace and workers for the common good
Indigenous Peruvian seminarian eager to see Pope Francis
Come to preach the Word of God or evangelize, teach that we are all children of God, as Christians.
The Lenten season 40 days of abstaining
These 17th century monks did a beer fast for Lent
We are called to be gifts for others
Pope Francis dedicated his catechesis on Wednesday to the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Jerusalem, “a special vocation for peace.”
Pope Francis noted how Jerusalem is a “unique city” that is considered holy for Jews, Christians and Muslims.
‘It’s evil not to do good!’
If we want to be a good Christian, we must also adhere to goodness and do good.
Be virtuous like Mary
The Blessed Virgin Mary lived a beautiful life
March for Life in Paris
From Darkness to lighte
New Bishop of Richmond
The Vatican announced Pope Francis’ appointment of Bishop Barry C. Knestout.
Ireland's situation: post-referendum on abortion and pre-papal visit
The current population looks like they might not be in favor of the Church.
The World Needs Stable Families
The stability of the Family is integral for the future.
During Advent, ask Jesus to teach us to pray
Pope Francis began a new cycle of catechesis, which will focus on the Lord’s prayer.
Missionaries of Hope.
The disciples, are announcers of Jesus resurrection not only in word, also in facts.
Health care is part of the Church’s mission.
The Church’s mission is a response to Jesus’ gift.

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