Families an eloquent sign of God’s dream
Pope Francis looks back on his visit to Ireland for the World Meeting of Families.
Jesus desires reconciliation
Pope Francis says that Jesus invites us to 'radical reconciliation'.
The Witness of Persecuted Christians Pushes Us to Persevere.
Reminds Church of Scotland Delegation that All Christians Must Stand Together
Continue to illuminate the path to unity
The Mekhitarist identity, consists above all in being entirely consecrated to God.
Institute for Marriage and Family
“Frankness” and “Perseverance” , two keyword to keep in mind.
Pope Francis Thursday paid a visit to two small Catholic communities in central Italy dedicated to living solidarity.
We forget the Lord’s strength
Pope Francis invites us to look at a Crucifix when we are depressed and tired out with life’s journey.
Taking upon ourselves the name of God
Pope reflected on the Second Commandment – “You shall not invoke the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.”
Christians turn our gaze to Christ crucified
Pope Francis continues his catechesis on the Ten Commandments.
Be like Jesus the Good Shepherd
On Sunday Pope Francis ordained 16 men to the priesthood.
Confront the lies of 'fake news,' Francis says
The best “antidote” to the spread of falsehoods in ‘fake news’ aren’t strategies, he stated, but people.
Pope Announces pre-synod Meeting
The Meeting is Scheduled March 19-24 2018
Pope makes changes within College of Cardinals
Pope Francis has transferred four Cardinals to the “Order of Bishops” within the College of Cardinals.
Pope to consecrated widows: Live a life of simplicity, humilty
Pope Francis urged the widows to use their experiences help the young and the poor.
The women in the Gospel
Today's meditation in the spiritual exercises of the Pope.
The Solemnity of Corpus Christi this year.
Pope to lead Corpus Christi procession in Ostia

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