Today is a Day of Celebration
This is because fraternity is the fruit of Christ’s death and resurrection
Pope’s Advice for Lent
Lent as a “sacramental sign” of our conversion.
Vatican releases Pope Francis' schedule for Holy Week
The Vatican is preparing for Holy Week with a full schedule of celebrations scheduled for the holiest portion of the Church year.
The women in the Gospel
Today's meditation in the spiritual exercises of the Pope.
‘Our Father turns suffering into dialogue’
The Holy Father noted that there are no prefaces to the prayer.
Love knows how to find the good
Pope Francis received Giorgio, Rosita and Davide Barolini, along with other members of the “Una Vita Rara” association.
The Witness of Persecuted Christians Pushes Us to Persevere.
Reminds Church of Scotland Delegation that All Christians Must Stand Together
The three forms of poverty
Pope Francis dwells on the three ways of living poverty in the life of the Christian.
‘The Holy Spirit – protagonist of evangelization’
Pope reflects on 3 aspects of evangelization present in the readings of the liturgy: proclamation, service and gratuitousness.
May the Holy Spirit unite what is still divided.
The Pope expressed his hope for a future in which all divergences will be overcome.
Pope Francis sends aid to Yemeni refugees
Pope in solidarity with the refugees
Christ gives true freedom
True Christian freedom means having the clear-minded openness to make room for God in our lives and to follow Jesus.
Albania, a land of ancient and glorious history
Pope Francis said, “has validly expressed the Albanian character.”
Migration center of Pope´s Meeting with German President
Pope Francis met German President Steinmeier
Pope sends videomessage to Spanish religious
God’s call does not work through marketing models.

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