Memory and hope go hand in hand
Pope Francis has encouraged Christians to think back to their encounters with Jesus.
Prayer for Congo and Sudan
Pope announces day of prayer, fasting for Congo and South Sudan
The three forms of poverty
Pope Francis dwells on the three ways of living poverty in the life of the Christian.
Families an eloquent sign of God’s dream
Pope Francis looks back on his visit to Ireland for the World Meeting of Families.
Pope Francis marks anniversary of Benedictine Confederation
The Pope recalled the vital work of the Benedictines and their contribution to the Church.
Without love the Church cannot move or grow.
In the Last Supper, in which Jesus teaches love in the Eucharist and service in the washing of the feet.
Vatican releases Pope Francis' schedule for Holy Week
The Vatican is preparing for Holy Week with a full schedule of celebrations scheduled for the holiest portion of the Church year.
Heaven is not boring
heaven is the place of eternal joy in the face-to-face encounter with Jesus, not just some boring place as some imagine.
Sudan Council of Churches met with Pope Francis
“Working together as Christians is more important than stressing our differences"
God’s love has no need for words but for concrete gestures'
God´s love has no limits, his greatness is manifested in small things and tenderness.
Three Christmas ingredients: joy, prayer, gratitude
Pope Francis said three simple attitudes can help prepare us to welcome Jesus Christ.
How will you respond to the resurrection?
The announcements of God are always a surprise, because ours is a God of surprises
Synod is a time for sharing
Pope Francis said: the Synod, must be an exercise in dialogue.
Obedience to the Gospel
In his fourth Lenten meditation on Friday, Fr. Cantalmessa focuses on the place of obedience in the Christian life.
Let grace of Baptism bear fruit in your lives
Pope Francis urges us to be guided by the light of Christ.

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