Pope Francis ordained 16 men to the priesthood.
Jesus Christ, chose certain disciples to carry out publicly in his name, and on behalf of mankindthey are called to the service of the people of God.
Beatitudes, the path to holiness in daily life
All Saints Day is a Family Feast
Pope’s ecumenical and peace initiative in Bari on Middle East Christians
The Pope’s ecumenical and peace initiative in Bari was presented at a press conference in the Vatican.
True Christians not afraid to get their hands dirty
Pope Francis urges lay people and pastors to reflect on what it means to be Christian.
Indigenous Peruvian seminarian eager to see Pope Francis
Come to preach the Word of God or evangelize, teach that we are all children of God, as Christians.
Pope sends condolences to Indonesia earthquake victims
In a telegram to Church and civil authorities in Indonesia, Pope Francis expresses his sorrow for the “tragic loss of life”
Love of neighbor must begin with love of God
Love to one's neighbor corresponds to the mandate of Christ.
Easter Triduum is center of Christian faith
Christ, my hope, is arisen; into Galilee he will go before his own.
Pope asks for prayers for Catholics in China
Without the Holy Spirit we are nothing.
Advent a time to make peace in the soul, family, neighbourhood
Prayer requires courage and patience
Pope Francis reflects on the power of prayer, starting with the dialogue between God and Moses.
Prepare for Christmas with the courage of faith
The Pope said “it’s not easy to keep the faith, to defend the faith”.
Benedict XVI says he's 'on pilgrimage home'
In a rare new letter penned by Benedict XVI said he is in the last phase of his life.
Advice to Shepherds?
Shepherds Do Not Put Up Signs With Hours.
Today is a Day of Celebration
This is because fraternity is the fruit of Christ’s death and resurrection

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