Memory and hope go hand in hand
Pope Francis has encouraged Christians to think back to their encounters with Jesus.
Love of neighbor must begin with love of God
Love to one's neighbor corresponds to the mandate of Christ.
The Lenten season 40 days of abstaining
These 17th century monks did a beer fast for Lent
Today is a day of hope
Pope Francis offers the Holy Sacrifice for the poor souls in Purgatory.
The first Christian altar was the cross
To the altar we bring the little we have in our gifts

"Mestizo" Virgin is a concrete sign that the Church is for everyone, especially the poor and marginalized.
Who is Jesus Christ for you?
Pope Francis speaks about the importance of recognising that we are sinners.
Culture of Encounter
Caritas Internationalis Initiative, share the Journey.
Ireland's situation: post-referendum on abortion and pre-papal visit
The current population looks like they might not be in favor of the Church.
God saves the whole person, body and soul
Pope Francis focused on the truth that God wills to save the whole human person, body and soul.
The three forms of poverty
Pope Francis dwells on the three ways of living poverty in the life of the Christian.
The cross teaches us not to fear defeat
“The cross of Jesus teaches us that in life there is failure and there is victory"
Zero Tolerance
The Church, will respond with the application of the firmest measures to all those who abused the children of God.
Pope Francis decries failure of bishops in abuse scandal
Pope said the anger of Catholics at bishops´failure in response to the sexual abuse is appropiate and that he shares those feelings.
Pope Francis said the first thing is faith
Pope at Mass: bishop, a humble and meek servant, not a prince

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