God is in our midst
All the promises made by the Son of God are infallibly kept.
Be prophets of hope
Pope Francis said religious life is “full of opportunities, enthusiasm, and passion”
Synod of Bishops .
A special assembly of the Synod of Bishops.
Christians turn our gaze to Christ crucified
Pope Francis continues his catechesis on the Ten Commandments.
Advent a time to make peace in the soul, family, neighbourhood
Pope’s Advice for Lent
Lent as a “sacramental sign” of our conversion.
The Mass needs silence, not 'chit-chat'
The Silence is so Important because we prepare ourselves for the encounter with Jesus.
Mercy is the Christian "style"
The Pope recalls that Christians do not follow the “spirit of the world,” but live the “folly of the Cross.”
A good bishop is watchful, involved and close to his flock
A bishop is one who is close fo his flock
March for Life in Paris
From Darkness to lighte
Religions in Jerusalem must live in peace
All the different religions in Jerusalem must live together in peace.
Pope sends videomessage to Spanish religious
God’s call does not work through marketing models.
Commandments open heart to God
Pope Francis says the Ten Commandments help us open our hearts to receive the mercy of God
Pope Francis makes surprise visit to elderly woman in Rome
Demonstrating once again his compassion and pastoral concern for those in need.
Pope Francis marks anniversary of Benedictine Confederation
The Pope recalled the vital work of the Benedictines and their contribution to the Church.

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