Christians are called to be 'couriers of hope'
Living for others is the trademark of a Christian
How the Church can help victims of sexual assault
The New York Times publised a report Harvey Weinstein.
The Commandments are an invitation
Pope Francis continued his catechesis focussed on the Ten Commandments
Jesus desires reconciliation
Pope Francis says that Jesus invites us to 'radical reconciliation'.
In Christ we see the true
Pope at Audience: Commandments are guide to authentic Christian life
Free Meals offered by Nuns
Religious Sisters are offering free meals in a trendy neighbordhood of London.
Mercy is the Christian "style"
The Pope recalls that Christians do not follow the “spirit of the world,” but live the “folly of the Cross.”
Follow Jesus out of faith, not self-interest.
There are two ways of following Jesus: out of self-interest in his miracles or through faith in his word.
Memory and hope go hand in hand
Pope Francis has encouraged Christians to think back to their encounters with Jesus.
Jesus invites us to the banquet of the Kingdom
Jesus invites us to be with Him at the feast.
Mercy Friday
Pope visits women in semi-detention with young children
‘So-called Christian societies will end if pagan'
Let us open our hearts with hope and distance ourselves from the paganization of life.
Pope at General Audience: “Indifference kills
Pope Francis reflects on the Fifth Commandment “Do not kill”.
Joy is the air Christians breathe
Pope reproposes the theme of being men and women bearing joy in his homily on Monday at Casa Santa Marta.
The Ten Commandments.
Christians must pursue the path of true life, true love, true wealth

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