Exploiting women is a sin against God.
Pope´s homily was a reflection on the many different ways in which women are exploited
Faith and Religion are not a Show
The Church urges us to Convert our Actions throught Fasting
Dialogue essential to end suffering
The oppressed and the persecuted is an integral part of the mission entrusted by God to the Church.
Strengthened by Christ's Passover
I can do all things in him who strengthens me.
Today is a Day of Celebration
This is because fraternity is the fruit of Christ’s death and resurrection
Christians are called to be 'couriers of hope'
Living for others is the trademark of a Christian
How will you respond to the resurrection?
The announcements of God are always a surprise, because ours is a God of surprises
Choose everlasting life, Pope Francis says
A fundamental mark of the Christian is our final encounter with God.
Francis' prayer intention for priests
“The tiredness of priests...Do you know how often I think about it?”
At Mass we participate in Calvary
Christ´s, Jesus, Cross, Calvary, Eucharist, redemption
Pope Assures Heartfelt Solidarity, Prayers, Blessings
Pope Sends Telegram of Condolences for Those Affected by Wildfires in Greece
Vatican releases Pope Francis' schedule for Holy Week
The Vatican is preparing for Holy Week with a full schedule of celebrations scheduled for the holiest portion of the Church year.
End of life care must acknowledge our mortality
The anguish of being faced with our human mortality and the difficult decisions we have to make may tempt us to step back from the patient.
God’s love has no need for words but for concrete gestures'
God´s love has no limits, his greatness is manifested in small things and tenderness.
Pope's spiritual exercises
Even though we still are ‘incomplete’ and ‘under construction,’ Jesus offers us unconditional love.
Christians turn our gaze to Christ crucified
Pope Francis continues his catechesis on the Ten Commandments.

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