Bl. Encarnación Gil Valls
September 24, Blessed
Bl. Mariano de la Mata Aparicio
April 5, Blessed
St. Margaret Of Cortona
February 22, Saint
St. Peter Gonzales
April 14, Saint
St. Cecilia
Patroness of music, November 22
St. Kea
Bishop, November 5
St. Robert Southwell
February 21, Saint
Eleventh Station: Jesus is nailed to the cross
The Eleventh Station of the Cross
Bl.Bernard Scammacca
February 16, Blessed
St. Peter Verona
April 29, Saint
St. Bieuzy
November 24, Saint.
St. Margaret of Hungary
January 18, Dominican Virgin.
Blessed Jane of Portugal
May 12, Blessed
St. Candida Maria of Jesus
Spanish Religious Sister, August 9
Bl. Katarzyna Faron
April 9, Blessed
St. Peter of Pappacarbone
March 4, Saint

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