Bl. Encarnación Gil Valls
September 24, Blessed
St. Marinus
Martyr, November 24
Bl. Antonio Grassi
December 13, Blessed
Saint Antony Mary Pucci
January 12, Saint.
St. Telesphorus
January 2, Pope and Martyr.
St. Leo the Great
Pope, November 10
St. Timothy
January 24, Saints.
St. Paschasius Radbertus
April 26, Saint
Bl. Maria Romero Meneses
July 7, Teacher
St. Ignatius of Loyola
July 30, Saint.
St. Gunthiern
July 3, Hermit
St. Caranus of Chartres
May 28, Saint
St. Boniface I
Pope, September 4
Bl. Florentina Nicol Goni
February 24, Blessed
St. Manahen
May 24, Saint

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