St. Tarachus
Governor of Cicilia, October 11
St. Vincent de Paul
Founder of the Vinventians, September 27
St. Maximus de Trier
May 30, Saint
Blessed Julia Della Rena of Certaldo
January 9, Blessed.
St. Macarius the Great of Alexandria
January 19, saint.
St. Rodophianus the Deacon
May 3, Saint
Agustin Caloca Cortes
May 25, martyr
Bl. William Tirry
May 2, Blessed
Bl. Margaret of Lorraine
November 2, Blessed
Bl. William of Maleval
February 10, Blessed
St. Benedicta Cambiagio Frassinello
March 21, Saint
St. Abraham of Kratia
Bishop, December 6
St. Claude de la Colombiere
February 15, Saint
St. John of Capistrano
Franciscan Papal Legate, October 23
Giovanni Bautista Rossi
May 23, Saint
St. Euphrasia of Constantinople
March 13, Saint

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