Bl. Encarnación Gil Valls
September 24, Blessed
St. Marinus
Martyr, November 24
St. Joseph the Hymnographer
April 3, Saint
St. Bertha of Aveney
May 1st, Saint
St. Anastasius XIV
January 22, Saint.
Arcadius of Mauretania
January 12, Saint.
St. Agrecius of Trier
January 13, Patriarch of Antioch.
I. Christ - The Unique Word of Sacred Scripture
Article 3 Sacred Scripture
Bl. Felim O' Hara
May 1st, Blessed
St. John Baptist de La Salle
April 7, Saint
Bl. Jordan of Saxony
February 13, Blessed
St. Arsenius
July 19, Saint
St. Catherine of Alexandria
Martyr, November 25
St. Gunthiern
July 3, Hermit
Bl. Alojzije Stepinac
February 10, Blessed
St. Apollonia
February 9, Saint

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