Faith and Friendship
“Through faith we enter into friendship with the Lord, through charity this friendship is lived and cultivated”.
The Virtues We Would Be Wise to Remember
Maybe start with taking the ‘I’ out of your conversations — and really listen to another person.
Looking for the Ideal Person
8 Things you Should Be doing if you want to find the Ideal Person.
How can you still be Catholic without dying in the battle?
5 Tips for Spending Alone Time with your Girlfriend Without Having to go to Confession the Next Day
Dating Apps
Young singles are too busy in their phones .
Bringing Back a Buried Love
They live in the same house, share the same room: they are husband and wife, yet they act as two strangers.
Love and Like
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Alana Newman
“Sexual Revolution, 50 years since Humanae Vitae”
350 couples await Pope Francis’ visit to St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral
Pope Francis awaits a meeting he specifically requested with engaged and newly married couples, and 350 Irish couples await his visit.
Love 70 x 7
70 x 7 is endless or at least meant to be endless.
If Divorce is Children’s Greatest Fear
Separation: Source of Suffering for Spouses and Children
3 Modern Obstacles To A Healthy Marriage
Let’s support marriage. Let’s pray for each other. Let’s encourage each another.
A call from God
Why these Catholic couples became foster parents
Chastity is now an integrated part of my life
I feel genuinely happy and very fulfilled living a chaste life
Most or Must
We like written laws because they tell us how far we must go
Our world needs a revolution of love
Pope Francis says “There will be no revolution of love without a revolution of tenderness”.

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