Saint Pauls conversion at Heart of Popes Morning Homily
They are rigid people living a double life: They make themselves look good, sincere, but when no one sees them, they do ugly things.
Azerbaijan holds referendum on presidential term and powers
Upcoming trip to Georgia and Azerbaijan (30 September to 2 October)
Pope's Q&A at Meeting with International Union of Superiors General
'But you see how discernment is necessary in every case!'
Pope Francis Personally Invites Youth To Ecumenical Event On The National Mall
Forty well-known speakers, authors and leaders joined for a day of unified prayer and worship
Holy Mass at the church of the Immaculate
Apostolic journey of His Holiness Pope Francis to Georgia and Azerbaijan
Pope's Morning Homily: To Say 'This or Nothing' Is Heretic
To say ‘this or nothing’ is not Catholic, it is heretic.
Pope: Reparation for Exploiting the Poor Will Take a Lot of Penance.
At Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis likened those who get rich by paying under the table.
Pope Tells Doctors to Put 'More Heart' into Their Hands
Pope Francis has reminded doctors that they need to put heart into their important work.
Pope: No to Worldliness! You Cannot Have Two Masters
Even if we are tempted to, or it seems easier, we should not be ‘worldly.’
Pope's Address to French Pilgrimage of Poor People
Beloved brothers, I ask you above all to stay courageous and, just in the midst of your troubles, keep the joy of hope.
Pope at Audience: 'Come to the Party! The Wine Can't Be Missed'
In Reflection on Wedding at Cana, Says Can You Imagine Wedding Party Drinking Tea?
Interview With Armenian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs on Pope's Visit
Garen Nazarian talks about the expectations of the population, some of the tensions facing this people
Put Away the Cell Phones and Have Real Encounters
At Casa Santa Marta, The Pope, reflecting on this Gospel encounter said, we not only see his tenderness but also the fruitfulness of that encounter that restores people and things to their proper place.
We Must Memorize God's Beautiful Deeds in Our Lives
At Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis urges the faithful to think back often to all great moments God created for us.
When I Pray 'Father', It Gets to Roots of My Christian Identity, Says Pope
“It’s through this Father that we receive our identity as children. And when I say ‘Father’ this goes right to the roots of my identity: my Christian identity is to be his child and this is a grace of the Holy Spirit".
Pope's Address to Regenerative Medicine Conference
The globalization of indifference must be countered by the globalization of empathy.

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