Saint Pauls conversion at Heart of Popes Morning Homily
They are rigid people living a double life: They make themselves look good, sincere, but when no one sees them, they do ugly things.
Pope's 1st meditation at Jubilee for Priests
'From Estrangement to Celebration'
We Must Memorize God's Beautiful Deeds in Our Lives
At Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis urges the faithful to think back often to all great moments God created for us.
Put Jesus at Center of Your Life
Christian life is simple; a Christian does not need to do strange or difficult things, but put Jesus at the center of his or her daily choices.
English Summary of Pope's General Audience
'To pray well, then, we need to look into our own hearts and there, in humble silence, let the Lord speak to us'.
Pope Francis' Homily for Corpus Christi
Clearly, this miracle was not intended merely to satisfy hunger for a day, but rather it signals what Christ wants to accomplish for the salvation of all mankind, giving His own flesh and blood.
Pope Francis Gives 2 Verbs of Mercy at General Audience
Reflecting on Merciful Love, Francis Says Christians Are Called to Give and Forgive, and Never to Judge and Condemn
Azerbaijan holds referendum on presidential term and powers
Upcoming trip to Georgia and Azerbaijan (30 September to 2 October)
Pope Francis creates new path to beatification under ‘offering of life’
It is certain that the heroic offering of life, suggested and supported by charity, expresses a true, full and exemplary imitation of Christ
Pope Sends Telegrams Returning From Armenia
Pope Francis reminds nations of remembrance in his prayers, invokes God’s blessings of peace and prosperity.
Be Perfect (Merciful) as Your Heavenly Father Is Perfect (Merciful)
St Luke specifies that perfection is merciful love: to be perfect means to be merciful.
The Pope arrives in Armenia
Faith is a constitutive reality of the identity of this country
Meeting with the Assyrian-Chaldean Community
Pope Francis Apostolic Journey to Georgia and Azerbaijan
Pope at General Audience: Our Father in Heaven Needs Us
Whether or not we ever feel that we can be without God, Pope Francis has reminded, that God cannot, however, be without us.
Pope on ecumenism and dialogue in the Caucasus
General Audience: English language summary
Pope Tells Italian Soccer Players to be 'Champions in Life'.
The Pope reminds athletes to listen to conscience, set good example.

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