Saint Pauls conversion at Heart of Popes Morning Homily
They are rigid people living a double life: They make themselves look good, sincere, but when no one sees them, they do ugly things.
Even if we just open our hearts a little bit, the Lord will find a way in.
During Morning Mass, Francis Focuses on Consolation, A Gift to Be Shared
Pope Prays at Santa Maria Maggiore Before Departing for Georgia
Francis Travels to Rome's Marian Basilica to Pray for Mary's Protection for His 16th Apostolic Visit Abroad to Georgia and Azerbaijan
Pope Francis Proposes New Work of Mercy
Pope Francis has proposed a new work of mercy: care of creation.
Vatican's Message for Buddhist Feast of Vesakh
Buddhists and Christians: Together to foster ecological education
Pope's Address to French Pilgrimage of Poor People
Beloved brothers, I ask you above all to stay courageous and, just in the midst of your troubles, keep the joy of hope.
The Pope Entrusts all Moms to Mary on This Mother's Day
Full text of Regina Caeli address - May 8, 2016
Statistics of the Catholic Church in Armenia
In view of the Pope's apostolic trip to Armenia
Pope Francis Gives 2 Verbs of Mercy at General Audience
Reflecting on Merciful Love, Francis Says Christians Are Called to Give and Forgive, and Never to Judge and Condemn
Pope's Address to Regenerative Medicine Conference
The globalization of indifference must be countered by the globalization of empathy.
The relationship between faith, forgiveness and gratitude
But the Word of God teaches us to distinguish between the sinner and the sin: with sin we must not bow down to compromise
Pope's Morning Homily: Logic of the Day After Tomorrow
At Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis rejects spiritualistic piety, and urges us to enter into the logic of the flesh of Christ.
Hypocrisy Hurts the Church
The hypocrite is capable of destroying a community. While speaking gently, he ruinously judges a person. He is a killer, the Pope said.
Pope Meets Cairo's Grand Imam of Al-Azhar.
Meeting Between Pope, Leading Authority on Sunni Islam Marks 'a First'.
Nun Who Will Host the Pope in Armenia Tells of Preparation, Ministry
Francis will rest for a few hours in the "best room we have"
Vatican's Sea Sunday Message
Encouraged by Pope Francis who called the chaplains and volunteers of the Apostleship of the Sea

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