Amoris Laetitia
This Encyclical was directed to Bishops, Priests and Deacons consecrated persons Christian married couples and all the lay faithful on love in the family and talks about the Holy Father.
Superiore Anno
Encyclical on the recitation of the rosary of Pope Leo XIII, promulgated on August 20, 1884
Quas Vestro
Magni Nobis
On this encyclical Pope Leo XIII talks about different topics of the Catholic University of America.
Spe Salvi
Mortalium Animos
Promulgated in 1928 on the subject of religious unity, condemning certain presumptions of the earlyecumenical movement and confirming that the unique Church founded by Jesus Christ is the Catholic Church.
Ubi Primum
Acerbo Nimis
It is an encyclical of Pius X, which deals with religious ignorance and was published in 1905.
Custodi Di Quella Fede
Encyclical on Freemasonry of Pope Leo XIII promulgated on December 8, 1892, to the Italian people.
Christi Matri
Omnem Sollicitudinem
Lux Veritatis
The Pope briefly summarizes the ' heresy of Nestorius and recalls the divine motherhood of Mary, He reminded the Council of Ephesus with the name of Mother of God.
Dominum Et Vivificantem
On the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church and the World
Mystici Corporis
It is a papal encyclical issued by Pope Pius XII during World War II. It is one of the most important encyclicals of Pope Pius XII, because of its topic, the Church, and because its Church concept was fully included in Lumen gentium.
Ingravescentibus Malis
Aimed at motivating the Rosary of the Virgin Mary , especially in relation to the fact that not only the past but also to today no less danger in the civil and religious society plagued past.

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