Amoris Laetitia
This Encyclical was directed to Bishops, Priests and Deacons consecrated persons Christian married couples and all the lay faithful on love in the family and talks about the Holy Father.
Refum Novarum
On Capital And Labor Encyclical Of Pope Leo XIII May 15, 1891
Notre Charge Apostolique
It was promulgated on August 15, 1910. The Pope took issue with what he viewed as the socialist leanings of the Catholic 'Le Sillon' movement of Marc Sangnier.
Rerum Orientalium
This enyclical is dedicated to the promotion of studies on the Eastern Church with a view to create the tools for a rapprochement between the two separate Churches .
Luctuosissimi Eventus
It was issued October 28, 1956, is an encyclical of Pope Pius XII urging public prayers for peace and freedom for the people of Hungary.
Saeculo Exeunte Octavo
It is an encyclical of Pope Pius XII in which he honors Portugal at the celebration of its 800th anniversary. A large part of it deals with the missionary activities of Portugal and the need to modernize missionary work.
Mira Circa Nos
Satis Cognitum
On the unity of the Church, encyclical of people Leo XIII, June 29, 1896
Encyclical Of Pope Leo XIII On The Hungarian Millennium May 1, 1896 To the Bishops of Hungary.
Exultavit Cor Nostrum
Commissum Divinitus
Mediator Dei
The encyclical suggests new directions and active participation instead of a merely passive role of the faithful in the liturgy, in liturgical ceremonies and in the life of their parish.
Sertum Laetitiae
It is an encyclical from Pope Pius XII to the Catholic Church of the United States of America in memory of the 150th anniversary of the installation of the first American bishop.
Aeterni Patris
Pope Leo XIII published it on August 4, 1879. In it, the Pope asserts that the Thomistic doctrine must be the basis of all philosophy that has as Christian. The Pope gave the full support of the Catholic Church to Neoscholasticism.
Singulari Quidem

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