A Clean Heart
Matthew 5:27-32
God’s Testimony
John 5:31-47
Having a Memory for God
Mark 8: 14-21. Jesus enjoined them
Persecution, for Heaven's Sake
Matthew 10: 24-33. No disciple is above his teacher, no slave above his master.
The Prodigal Father
Luke 15: 1-3, 11-32, Saturday of the Second Week of Lent. Cycle A
Self - Donation
Mark 12:28-34 - Thursday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time.
The Powe of the Spirit
Pentecost Sunda, John 20: 19-23
Prayer Has an Important Place in Our Continuing Conversion
Luke 11: 1-4. Lord, teach me through the Our Father to pray more deeply.
RSVPing the Lord!
Luke 14: 15-24. Blessed is the one who will dine in the Kingdom of God.
You Follow Me
John 21:20-25, Saturday of the Seventh Week of Easter. Cycle A
Loving to the Extreme
John 15:12-17
Learning to Follow Directions
Mark 6:7-13. Teach me not to place my hope in created things, but only in your will.
What is My Deepest Desire?
Matthew 6: 19-23
Take It or Leave It
Luke 9: 1-6
What Is This I Hear about You?
Luke 16:1-8
The Kingdom Is Near
Luke 21: 29-33. I hope to arrive to heaven when you say it is time. I wish to spend myself for those I should love the most.

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