The Fruit of the Kingdom
Mark 4:26-34. Lord, I come into your presence with openness of heart.
Yes or No
Matthew 5: 33-37. Let your Yes mean Yes, and your No' mean No.
Mankind in Dire Need
Mark 2: 23-28. What a joy, what an honor, what a glory to be the follower of a king like you!
The Power of Personal Freedom
Luke 1:26-38
Can Christ Count on Me?
Mark 8: 27-33. In you is hidden my beginning; in you is hidden the mission of my life; in you is hidden my future happiness.
The Christian Who Doesn't Pray Treats God like a Servant
Luke 11: 5-13. And I tell you, ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
Who Am I That My Lord Should Come to Me?
Luke 6, 6:11. Stretch out your hand
Learning to Follow Directions
Mark 6:7-13. Teach me not to place my hope in created things, but only in your will.
Ready or Not!
Matthew 25:1-13. Lord, make me long for and strive to enter the kingdom of heaven.
How difficult it is to find dawn in twilight
The message of young people to bishops
The Mistaken Messiah
Luke 9:18-22
Made for God
Mark 6:1-6.Where did this man get all this?
The Real Christ
Luke 9: 18-24. Who do the crowds say that I am?
Christ Is the Answer
Luke 20:27-40. Teacher, you have answered well.
Mark 2: 13-17. Follow me

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