Bread for Eternity
John 6: 44-51
Going Through the Gate
John 10:1-10
Mark 7:31-37, Memorial of Saints Cyril, monk and Methodius, bishop. Cycle A
Yearning for Christ
Mark 1:7-11
Jesus Breaks the Habit of Putting Limits on Our Love
Luke 10: 25-37. Lord Jesus, you are the master of the universe, and yet you wish to listen to me and guide me.
The Grumpy Catholics Guild
Luke 11: 42-46. Teacher, by saying this you are insulting us too.
Speaking from the Heart of Christ
Luke 2:22-40, Thursday in the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time. Cycle A.
Unlimited Forgiveness
Matthew 18:21-3
Mark 7:31-37
From Heaven or Earth?
Mark 11:27-33. Here I am, Lord, to listen to you and respond with love.
Put God at the Center
Matthew 20: 17-28,
Overcoming Temptation
Matthew 4: 1-11, First Sunday of Lent. Cycle A
The Price Is Right and the Choice Is Yours
Mark 10: 17-27.Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone.
Forgiveness from the Heart
Matthew 18:21-35, Tuesday of the Third Week of Lent. Cycle A
Getting to Know the Lord
Mark 8:27-35. I hope in you, and in your power to transform my soul, by your grace, from sinfulness to holiness.
Build Your Life on the Rock That Is Christ
Luke 19: 41-44. Jesus drew near Jerusalem

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