The Highest of All Prayers
Luke 17: 11-19
Getting to the Top
Matthew 19: 23-30
Ready or Not!
Matthew 25:1-13. Lord, make me long for and strive to enter the kingdom of heaven.
Only One Master
Cycle A Ordinary Time
One Flesh
Mark 10: 1-12. I love you, Lord, with this prayer. May it increase the authenticity of the love expressed in my daily life.
On Sitting and Serving
Mark 10: 32-45. Here I am, Lord, to listen to you and respond with love.
The Kingdom of Heaven Infiltrates and Enriches Everything It Touches
Luke 13: 18-21. Lord, help me to value and seek the invisible strength of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Love is Demanding
Matthew 10: 34-11:1
Mary Is My Master Educator in Virtue
Luke 11: 27-28. Lord, help me to imitate Mary.
Fathoming Christ's Mercy
Matthew 9:1-8. Lord, grant me a deeper experience of your mercy.
The Great Commission
Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, Matthew 28:16-20
Learning to Follow Directions
Mark 6:7-13. I believe in you, and I believe that I must follow your will in all that I do.
RSVP’ing the Lord!
Luke 14: 15-24
Rock of Peter
Matthew 16:13-19, Solemnity of Saints Peter and Saint Paul, Apostles. Cycle A
Leap for Joy for Heaven
Luke 6:20-26. Father, help me to seek the things that are above.

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