In But Not Of the World
John 17:11b-19
Touching the Lord
Cycle A Ordinary Time
Blessed Are You
Matthew 5: 1-12. Father of love, source of all blessings, you have led me throughout my life, and you lead me still.
Jesus Breaks the Habit of Putting Limits on Our Love
Luke 10: 25-37. Lord Jesus, you are the master of the universe, and yet you wish to listen to me and guide me.
Loving Christ for Who He Is
Mark 8:11-13
The Master and the Slave
John 15: 18-21
The Difficult Path
Matthew 7:6, 12-14. Lord, help me appreciate better the beauty of the Christian faith.
Ready or Not!
Matthew 25:1-13
The Little Man in a Tree
Luke 19: 1-10. He has gone to stay at the house of a sinner.
Bumper Cro
Luke 10: 1-12
Why So Glum?
Luke 21: 5-11. Do not follow them!
The Truth Will Set You Free
John 8:31-42
Choosing an Apostle
Matthew 10:1-7, Wednesday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time. Cycle A
Blessed Are You
Matthew 5:1-12, Monday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time. Cycle A
To Do Good or Evil?
Mark 3:1-6

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