It's good for young people to study Latin.
Pope Francis praised the study of Latin, especially for young people.
Youtubers also cry ...
Today people search and consume content where they identify with real, authentic and sensitive people.
Becoming digital missionaries
The Church, he said, wants to dwell in the digital world in an official and serious way.
How can the US Church reach young adults?
By building relationships
The youth and videogames
Just a waste of time or an opportunity for education?
Dear Every Catholic Teen Guy
Catholic girls absolutely adore a guy who isn’t afraid to show or speak about his faith
10 Survival Tips for Catholic Young Adults
There are times, as a young Catholic, when we can feel a little alone.
True Love Waits
“Late have I loved you. You waited for me, I searched for you. What took me so long?”
Argentina in Mission, the Gospel is Joy
Going out on mission means going out in order to spend time with people
Role Models
Common sense and faith can show up where least expected.
YouTubers provide content that is enjoyable, entertaining and informative.
Millenial parents
Happy Boys and girls, enjoying their paternity.
Reaping what we sow
It is necessary to make known the love of Christ, to evangelize.
Your Music, My Music
Each person is a musician and has a melody to play for those who want to hear
Church and Young People Teamwork
Young People, the Faith and the Discernment of Vocation.
How Cell Phones Can Hurt Your Relationship
People tell me that they are not good at talking on the phone or face to face and so resort to texting

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