It's good for young people to study Latin.
Pope Francis praised the study of Latin, especially for young people.
Difficulties vs. Challenges
Every man is called to the challenge of being a saint.
Argentina in Mission, the Gospel is Joy
Going out on mission means going out in order to spend time with people
Friendship, rules, falling in love and family
The TV drama revealing what young people think
My Relationship with God as a Teenager
There is a God who is always knocking on our door.
The Cross and the Cell Phone
Instagram in theory a place where we can share images.
When Chasity gets frustrating
I stepped out of the van and into the cool evening air. As my friend drove off to finish an errand before rejoining me, I glanced across the parking lot at the lit-up building.
What does it mean to be an apostle?
6 phrases that will help us understand this call
Greeks for God
College ministry brings fraternities, sororities to Christ.
ID, please
For adolescents, some of their most pressing questions are about their identity. “Who am I?”
A Letter to Catechists
Your Goal should be to set the hearts of your students on fire with love for Jesus Christ.
10 Times Pope Francis Reminded Us It’s Ok To Cry
The world wants us to believe that to cry is to show weakness and defeat.
The Value of a Smile
If you knew how much you can change somebody's day just by smiling, you would smile more often.
One Step Closer
Are you Catholic, millennial, and wondering how to take the next step in your spiritual life?
“How’s That Half-Way Thing Working For You?” – A Young Catholic’s Testimony on Going All-In
“You won’t know how to behave until you know who you are. And you won’t know who you are until you realize what play you’re in!”
My List of Things That Teens Need to Read and See
These suggestions are for teens.

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