It's good for young people to study Latin.
Pope Francis praised the study of Latin, especially for young people.
Why aren´t we happy when we compare ourselves with others?
We have all at some point in life fallen into greater or lesser degree in this, comparing ourselves in that effort we have to know whether we are better or worse than another
Tips for a Healthy High School Social Life
Taking care of these recommendations you will have a good school year.
13 Things Every Young Boy Should Be Taught
Your Music, My Music
Each person is a musician and has a melody to play for those who want to hear
Catholic University of America offers free tuition to Puerto Rican students
The Catholic University of America was actively involved in supporting the victims of the natural disaster.
Millennia’s and Love
Being a millenial (Born between 1980 and 2000)
Have you already left your house?
Father Abad gives some tips to young people starting a new life in another city.
The young people in their relationship with media and technology.
The center of everything there is the need to insist on the formation of character and virtues
What does it mean to be an apostle?
6 phrases that will help us understand this call
Come Hell Or High Water
Our wedding week or even wedding day is NOT going to be perfect.
Fellowship of Catholic University Students
SLS Leadership Conference offer five days of fellowship and evangelical instruction.
Peace and progress start with education.
Catholic educational institutions play a prophetic role in helping future generations
The prayer of the Rosary at the University of Nebraska
Thousands lined the sidewalks surrounding UNL’s campus for something completely different – to pray.
Millenial parents
Happy Boys and girls, enjoying their paternity.
Youth Movement
This movement of young people is a shining example.

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