It's good for young people to study Latin.
Pope Francis praised the study of Latin, especially for young people.
The young people in their relationship with media and technology.
The center of everything there is the need to insist on the formation of character and virtues
How can the US Church reach young adults?
By building relationships
Masculinity and Beauty
The humanities promote manliness and have an important role to play in forming a truly masculine heart.
A day without social networks
Why would I open my social network? What do I want to find?
Be my Feet
In St Peter´s Square you can see young people as a mystical body of Christ.
The 6 Battles of Youth That Adults Must Not Forget
Life passes quickly. One moment you are twelve years old playing in the street, and today you are an adult, 40 years old.
An honest person shines in a particular way
Planning The �Perfect� Wedding
Wedding planning
Pride: a constant struggle
Let us strive with God's grace, to fight our pride and humbly live the truth
Pure of Heart
Keep your heart virgin.
Pope Francisco confirms visit to Panama
Holy Father answered them smiling,
Pilgrimage to St. Peter's
Youth, bishops and cardinals make pilgrimage to St. Peter's in final synod days
They’ve Seen me Cross
I would like to tell you a story, I know that I am living the process, but that is just why I’m telling it.
Inner Peace
Our peace comes from the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit not from simple acceptance of the past.
Faith is an adventure.
Jesus is our internet connection.

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