It's good for young people to study Latin.
Pope Francis praised the study of Latin, especially for young people.
Incredibles 2
‘Incredibles 2’ designer says God’s creation is his inspiration.
A Letter to Catechists
Your Goal should be to set the hearts of your students on fire with love for Jesus Christ.
Three questions of the mastery of man over nature
Women against new reproductive technologies
Young people must be taken seriously
Too often we talk about young people without asking what they think.
The 5th National Missionary Conference
Bishop Croxatto said that Jesus encourages missionaries to stay strong and take courage.
The youth center at the center of the Church
St. Lawrence in Piscibus, a tiny and simple church from the 12th century.
Cohabitation: Should we live together?
Marriage is one the most important decisions a person can make in life. When one considers the high rate of divorce and the fact that so many dating and engaged couples experienced their own parents, divorce, it´s understandable that many couples feel cautious about making such a commitment.
Church and Young People Teamwork
Young People, the Faith and the Discernment of Vocation.
Catholic University of America offers free tuition to Puerto Rican students
The Catholic University of America was actively involved in supporting the victims of the natural disaster.
My List of Things That Teens Need to Read and See
These suggestions are for teens.
Why Marry In The Catholic Church?
Where to hold your wedding ceremony.
Letter From the Synod Fathers to Young People
The Synod Fathers invite the young to "be a brighter future."
Come Hell Or High Water
Our wedding week or even wedding day is NOT going to be perfect.
The young people in their relationship with media and technology.
The center of everything there is the need to insist on the formation of character and virtues
What does it mean to be an apostle?
6 phrases that will help us understand this call

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