It's good for young people to study Latin.
Pope Francis praised the study of Latin, especially for young people.
The Day I Realized I was 40 and Had No Idea How I Got There
Once upon a time...
8 Books to Read When You are Feeling Down
Here are eight suggestions that you might like to try out next time you’re having a rainy day!
Youth are lost in a 'virtual world'
The pope said that the works of mercy “help young people so much”
They’ve Seen me Cross
I would like to tell you a story, I know that I am living the process, but that is just why I’m telling it.
The importance of a decision
They help me to guide my life, leave and take, build or destroy, spread affection or provoke resentment.
11 Youth Ministry Resources
What are your favorite online recources or websites for youth ministry?
The prayer of the Rosary at the University of Nebraska
Thousands lined the sidewalks surrounding UNL’s campus for something completely different – to pray.
What a Young Professional Learned About God on a Trip to Haiti
Seven days of giving to others ‘were filled with so much joy it was hard to believe I was at an orphanage´
Have you already left your house?
Father Abad gives some tips to young people starting a new life in another city.
Pope’s Video to Canadian Youth
Flood the Places Where You Live With the Joy and Enthusiasm
How can the US Church reach young adults?
By building relationships
Be my Feet
In St Peter´s Square you can see young people as a mystical body of Christ.
The diamond of sexuality
When sexuality is entirely understood, the meaning is a diamond
The World needs to hear, that you believe in Jesus.
We have been given an exciting and unbelievable mandate: to evangelise and let the world know that there is a God who loves us unconditionally.
Jesus´ birth
Animals present Jesus' birth in first Nativity Story movie at Christmas time

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