Christmas Tree
The Christmas tree is relatively modern.
Adoption Tax
The tax code should support families
Surviving The First Year Of Parenthood
Adjusting to a baby
The Shape of Love
While some may consider this as rather old-fashioned and even outdated, we have always told our girls that a true man, if he really loves and respects her, should also show respect for her parents by seeking their permission and blessing before proposing.
No One Changes, If We Don´t Want to Change
And if I do not change, my marriage, my family, my neighborhood, my city will not change.
Why Dating is Important for Marriage
Date nights improve marriages, according to common sense and a comprehensive, quantitative study conducted by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia.
Let Him Serve You
The beauty of waiting
Responses to Quesitons Proposed Concerning "Uterine Isolation"
The Cardinal Members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in answer to the questions examined in ordinary session.
Marital Boundaries
Attraction is natural and usually unexpected.
Vademecum for Confessors Concerning Some Aspects of the Morality of Conjugal Life
This Vademecum traces its origin to the particular pastoral sensitivity of the Holy Father, who has entrusted the task of preparing this aid for confessors to the Pontifical Council for the Family.
Some Tips to Pray With Your Spouse
Have you ever wondered how to pray more closely with her husband? Would you like to be spiritually closer to your wife?
Why Married Parents are Important for Children
Society assumed that children needed this stability in order to thrive.
Patience: Key to a Lasting Marriage
When long-married couples are asked the recipe for marital success, many identify patience as a key ingredient. It’s the indispensable virtue for living together day after day in relative peace, without constant struggles to change the other to our liking.
Raising a child
Life as a parent
Resolving Differences
The other side of apologizing is forgiving.

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