The Power of the Father’s Blessing
2 Prayers That Dads Should Memorize And Use Daily
Why Should You Get Your Baby Baptized?
7 Important Reasons
Not A Game of Chance: What Marriage is Really All About
“Man finds himself only in true gift of self.”
Taking a Year Off
All throughout the engagement process, people have asked us how the wedding preparation is going, or given us tips to remember on our wedding day.
"Courageous" Movie Offers Powerful Message About Fatherhood
Are you looking for a new movie with a compelling message and action-packed police drama? Then check out “Courageous.”
When Rain Drenches a Marriage
Simply enduring the difficult years has merit, yet a couple can better handle disillusionment by actively building commitment and rediscovering what their marriage is meant to be – even on rainy days.
Why Married Parents are Important for Children
Society assumed that children needed this stability in order to thrive.
Thanks Joseph
Joseph was an extraordinary ordinary Joe.
Stages of growth in marriage
Social scientists have observed that marriages typically move through a series of at least four stages. Each stage presents unique learning opportunities and blessings, along with challenges and obstacles.
How to Deepen Empathy
It's easy to fall into the trap of taking each other for granted or just putting up with each other.
The Stations on your Marriage
The love, therefore, requires time to grow and develop.
Bachelors life interrupted
“Man, who is the only creature on earth which God willed for itself, cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself.”
Contraceptives - Catechism of the Catholic Church
The regulation of births represents one of the aspects of responsible fatherhood and motherhood.
"Permissiveness is a Consequence of the Lack of Authority"
There is no education without authority or authority without love.
Marriage Is Awesome
For those who don’t know, married life is awesome!
Humility: Foundation for Marital Success
We don't need to be wealthy, famous, or powerful to fulfill our destiny.

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