Our Daily Dust
Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.
St. Hilary of Poitiers
January 13, Bishop and Doctor of the Church.
The Rewards of Self Denial
Mark 10: 28-31. I want to express my love for you by dedicating this time to you with a spirit of faith, confidence and attention.
Keep Your Emotions in check
Emotional chastity is not to prevent love, its to give you authentic love.
Saint Arnold Janssen
January 15, Saint
Sain Odon de Novara
January 14, Saint
Bl. Hilarion of Moglena
Blessed, October 21
Applause that are convictions
The Exaltation or the rehabilitation of characters who have been responsible for serious crimes and condemned in the past.
St. Jón Helgi Ögmundarson
March 8, Saint
Saint Felix of Nola
January 14, Saint
To Be Free to Love
Mark 1: 40-45. This story is for us, to show us Christ's heart, reveals his love and his desire to free us from sin.

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