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In compliance with the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Information Possessed by Private Persons, its regulations (according to the law), and in order to assure the privacy and protection of personal information and the regulation of access, rectification, cancelation and opposition in processing this information, CATHOLIC NET INC communicates the following notice:


CATHOLIC NET INC is responsible for all raised funds. This institution is located at the following address: Av. Lomas Anáhuac No. 1, Col. Lomas Anáhuac, CP 52760, Huixquilucan, Estado de México; and is responsible for the protection and confidentiality of any personal information, sensitive personal information, and financial personal or proprietary information of all natural persons who make donations towards the association and the different programs that make it up, as well as guaranteeing their privacy and rights to informative self-determination.

Rights of access, rectification, cancelation, opposition, limitations of use or revocation of consent, may be requested in writing with the Main Office at the following address: privacidad@catholic.net

Privacy Policy

The purpose of this notice is to assure the privacy of information provided by the natural persons who make donations to CATHOLIC NET, INC.

By providing personal information, the owner agrees to the terms defined in section XVIII, article 3 of the law. In case the owner does not agree, he should not provide any information.


CATHOLIC NET INC is responsible for the gathering of personal information, sensitive information, and personal or proprietary financial information for some of the following purposes:

a) To receive donations and contributions form individuals in order to support the members of the association
b) To keep an information base of the natural persons who contribute to the association
c) To extend our gratitude to the supporters for their donations
d) To share informative reports and results about the association with our supporters
e) To provide our supporters with information regarding the association’s projects
f) To charge contributions on the credit cards of the donors
g) To prepare and deliver tax deductible receipts

Personal Information

The following personal information, sensitive personal information, financial and proprietary personal information presented in an expository, non-limitative manner, may be subject to processing:

a) Identification information: full name, age, date and place of birth, gender, place of residence, postal code, nationality, email address, telephone number, Federal Registry of Taxpayers “Registro Federal de Contribuyentes” code, and signature
b) Financial and/or proprietary information: Credit or debit card numbers, card type, expiration date, security code, and issuing bank

All personal information will be processed under strict security measures, thus guaranteeing is confidentiality.


CATHOLIC NET INC observes confidentiality, lawfulness, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, and risibility principles in the protection of personal information.

Information Transfer
CATHOLIC NET, INC may carry out national or international information transfers without the owner’s consent in cases established by the law and its regulations. It may also fulfill information transfers to service provider entities in compliance with the agreed contractual obligations, as well as subsidiary or affiliate partnerships, parent companies, or any other partnership within the same group which will operate under the same processes and internal politics at all times. Third parties and entities that receive information will take on and agree to the same obligations and/or responsibilities that CATHOLIC NET INC, has agreed to with the owner in the present notice.
The owner of personal information, who establishes a relationship with CATHOLIC NET INC, agrees that his personal information may be transferred within the terms established by the law, its regulations, and the present Privacy Notice.

Options and Means to Limit the Use or Disclosure of Personal Information

We will process your personal information in an adequate, relevant, and necessary basis in relation to the purposes established in this Privacy Notice.
CATHOLIC NET INC has sufficient security, administrative, technical and physical tools necessary to protect your personal information against damages, loss, alteration, use, Access or unauthorized processing.

Personal information is safeguarded in information bases and computers equipped with the necessary security tools to help prevent information leaks. Physical and logistics access, environmental controls, firewall and IPS protection, antivirus software protection tools and filtered networks are just some of the tools utilized to maintain the security of any information in the systems.

If the owner requests the limitation of use or disclosure of personal information, he may do so with the central office by sending an email to: privacidad@catholic.net

Owners Rights on Personal Information

Any owner or, where applicable, his legal representative, may exercise his rights to access, rectify, cancel, or oppose his personal information. CATHOLIC NET, INC will provide the necessary means in order to allow the timely exercise of his rights. Rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, limitations of use, or revocation of consent must be requested in written form exclusively at the main office through this email address: privacidad@catholic.net.

Procedure towards the Exercise of Rights

The request for access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, limitation of use, or revocation of consent should include the following:

i. Owner’s name and address or other means of communication in order to respond to the request,
ii. Documents that give credit to his identification or, if applicable, that of his legal representative,
iii. Clear and precise description regarding the tight of personal information to which he seeks claim, and
iv. Any other elements or documents which facilitate the location of his personal information

In the case of rectification requests, the owner must indicate the modifications to be made and supply the proper documents to support his petition. CATHOLIC NET, INC will contact the owner within twenty business days, starting from the date in which the request was received and, if approved, the request will take effect within fifteen business days following the response. The referred period may be extended a single time during an equal time period; as long as the case’s circumstances are justified.


The owner of the personal information may revoke his consent for the processing of such information at any time. For this effect, a written request must be emailed to the main office through the following address: privacidad@catholic.net

CATHOLIC NET, INC will inform the owner whether or not his petition will be approved within twenty business days following the date in which the request was received. If the result is approved, the request will take effect within fifteen business days following the date of the response.

Changes to this Notice

CATHOLIC NET, INC reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Notice at any time in order to keep up with legislative or precedent changes and internal policies.

These modifications will be available on www.catholic.net /www.es.catholic.net

General Consent

By making this Privacy Notice and its modifications available to the owner on the website www.catholic.net / www.es.catholic.net or other means, and having not manifested any opposition regarding personal information, sensitive personal information, or personal or proprietary financial information in the possession of CATHOLIC NET, INC; it is understood that tacit consent has been granted for the processing of such information.

Whether the owner provided his information verbally, in writing, through electronic, optical, or other forms of technology; or by unequivocal signals (such as clicking on “Send Form”), it is understood that he has given express consent.

Express Consent

In compliance with the applicable articles of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Information Possessed by Private Persons, through the present: i. the owner accepts that he has read the written third party’s Privacy Notice and understood all of its aspects; ii. the owner gives his express consent for the processing of his personal information, sensitive personal information, financial personal or proprietary information for the purposes established in this Privacy Notice; and iii. the owner accepts that his personal information, sensitive personal information, financial personal or proprietary information may be transferred to third parties.

This express consent may be documented by a written signature, electronic signature, or any other authentication mechanism.

First published: July 6, 2011
Last updated: August 23, 2012

Catholic.net Staff

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