Pope Francis marks anniversary of Benedictine Confederation
The Pope recalled the vital work of the Benedictines and their contribution to the Church.

The sign of the cross is our badge
To make the sign of the cross is to mark ourselves as Christians

The Church needs prophets
A True Prophet is he who is capable of weeping for his people who do not heed him.

Follow Jesus out of faith, not self-interest.
There are two ways of following Jesus: out of self-interest in his miracles or through faith in his word.

Christ gives true freedom
True Christian freedom means having the clear-minded openness to make room for God in our lives and to follow Jesus.

‘Easter joy brings obedience, witness, realism’
the Holy Father reflected on the three traits that are born from Easter joy: obedience, witness, and realism.

A guide to Christianity for the 21st Century: the new Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis

Pope sends videomessage to Spanish religious
God’s call does not work through marketing models.

Pope’s Apostolic Exhortation on holiness to be presented on Monday.
An Apostolic Exhortation is considered the second-highest form of papal teaching, after an Encyclical Letter.

We should leave every Mass better than when we went in
The Mass is not just a weekly commitment that can be forgotten about once people go out the church doors.

Today is a Day of Celebration
This is because fraternity is the fruit of Christ’s death and resurrection

How will you respond to the resurrection?
The announcements of God are always a surprise, because ours is a God of surprises

God is close to his people.
The Lord always comes to us.

Easter Triduum is center of Christian faith
Christ, my hope, is arisen; into Galilee he will go before his own.

Sudan Council of Churches met with Pope Francis
“Working together as Christians is more important than stressing our differences"

World Water Day
Contribution of Pope Francis and the Holy See

World Water Day
Contribution of Pope Francis and the Holy See

Vatican releases Pope Francis' schedule for Holy Week
The Vatican is preparing for Holy Week with a full schedule of celebrations scheduled for the holiest portion of the Church year.

We forget the Lord’s strength
Pope Francis invites us to look at a Crucifix when we are depressed and tired out with life’s journey.

Pope Francis' 5th anniversary
Pope Francis 19 March 2013 — 19 March 2018

Obedience to the Gospel
In his fourth Lenten meditation on Friday, Fr. Cantalmessa focuses on the place of obedience in the Christian life.

Prayer requires courage and patience
Pope Francis reflects on the power of prayer, starting with the dialogue between God and Moses.

Pope Francis continues his catechesis
Liturgy prepares us to receive Christ in Holy Communion

5th anniversary of Pope Francis' election
The Volume ‘A Pope Francis Lexicon’ Was Created by Cindy Wooden and Joshua McElwee

Don’t be “parked Christians”
True Christians don´t stop going forward after receiving the first gift of grace.

Every young person, should be able to hear the voice of God.
Pope Francis on Friday told confessors that they have a special responsibility to help young people discern their vocations in life.

Dialogue essential to end suffering
The oppressed and the persecuted is an integral part of the mission entrusted by God to the Church.

The Mass is Christ's sacrifice which is free
Pope Francis continued his catechesis on the Mass focusing his attention on the Eucharistic Prayer.

God forgives only if we forgive others
Pope Francis focused on admitting our sinfulness and forgiving others in order to obtain God’s pardon.

Faith and Religion are not a Show
The Church urges us to Convert our Actions throught Fasting

Mercy Friday
Pope visits women in semi-detention with young children

Modern individualism Reflects ancient Heresies
Vatican letter says the difficulty many have in accepting the teachings of Christianity in today´s Society.

The first Christian altar was the cross
To the altar we bring the little we have in our gifts

The Lenten season 40 days of abstaining
These 17th century monks did a beer fast for Lent

First Lent Sermon 2018

33rd World Youth Day
Prayer and reflection of the Church will turn to you young people, said Pope Francis

The women in the Gospel
Today's meditation in the spiritual exercises of the Pope.

Pope's spiritual exercises
Even though we still are ‘incomplete’ and ‘under construction,’ Jesus offers us unconditional love.

Now is the time for conversion
Lent is a time to face our temptations and be converted by the Gospel

Australian bishops dedicate start of Lent to abuse victims
Four days of fasting and reparation.

Pope Francis' message for Lent 2018
The season of Lent as a “sacramental sign of our conversion”.

Dominicans worldwide
Dominicans offered Masses for their deceased parents and for all deceased parents of friars.

Pope’s Advice for Lent
Lent as a “sacramental sign” of our conversion.

Benedict XVI says he's 'on pilgrimage home'
In a rare new letter penned by Benedict XVI said he is in the last phase of his life.

This Lent, revive your enthusiasm for the faith.
May the light of Christ rising in glory dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds.

Prayer for Congo and Sudan
Pope announces day of prayer, fasting for Congo and South Sudan

Remember you're going to die
A good idea is to pray to God asking for a good sense of time.

Advice to Shepherds?
Shepherds Do Not Put Up Signs With Hours.

Pope revamps ecclesiastical universities in new apostolic constitution.
A radical reform to the Nature and Curriculum of Ecclesiastical Universities and Instituions.

Confront the lies of 'fake news,' Francis says
The best “antidote” to the spread of falsehoods in ‘fake news’ aren’t strategies, he stated, but people.

March for Life in Paris
From Darkness to lighte


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